Kyusho Joint Locks Octagon

Kyusho Joint Locks Octagon

* Kyusho Joint Locks Octagon

Joints in the body are a wonderful thing, until they stop working or cause pain! I remember the days when I addressed my knees as "right" or "left." Today they are referred to as "bad" knee or "worse" knee. But today I am going to talk about 3 terms together! Kyusho Joint Locks Octagon, how they related, and how combining them makes everything more effective!

Kyusho Joint Locks Octagon - Kyusho Jitsu

Let's begin with the pressure point or Kyusho Jitsu relationship to a Joint Lock. I have linked you back to another article on Kyusho Jitsu Joint Locks. This will give you a more complete view.

What I wish to refer to in this article is the method in which we add Kyusho to a joint lock. First the movements are not based on large movement, but small circles. This is something I teach in depth in my Advanced Hapkido Home Study Course, but the original knowledge comes from Professor Wally Jay's Small Circle JuJitsu

The use of small circles over the tradition large movements cause much more pain! Plus the addition of understand fulcrum/lever activation is a must! I also suggest an understanding of the 3 different joint types in the body. Also I do explain more about fulcrum / lever activation in my article on 2 Way Action.

Here is a short video on Fulcrum / Lever activation.

In a nutshell this means understanding that the fulcrum is closest point on the lock to the body after the lock has been applied. 

So what about pressure points? First you will often in pressure points located around and very close to the joints themselves. The knees are a great example! However applying a lock on a smaller joint will cause the meridians affected to distort, causing a Kyusho effect due to stretching of the meridian. The more energy in a meridian the greater the affect! Elongating a meridian cause more energy to flow.

Kyusho Joint Locks Octagon - Octagon

Secrets of the Octagon

I won't go deep into the Joint Lock in this Kyusho Joint Locks Octagon article because I have linked one article specifically for you above. However we will discuss Octagon in some details!

Martial arts is taught for the most part in a linear fashion. Back and forth. That is fine when teaching beginners, but this movement must evolve!

The issue is that the evolution is to ring control, the circling you see boxers to.

This is useless in a self defense situation! Self Defense is NOT fighting. this is where movement in the Octagon comes into play! Octagon movement is about moving on angles to obtain a better mechanical position and therefore power. Proper Body Mechanics is critical! Body mechanics is a cornerstone of Kyusho Jitsu and Hapkido.

Also standing directly in front of someone is a game of dominance! When you move on an angle you take that power away from the attacker! But I do go into great details about this in my Beginners Octagon Video Course, and my Advanced Octagon Certification Video Course I do have an Octagon eBook also!

In Conclusion

I am hoping this article helps you see that there is always more to learn in the martial arts. This information has been rarely taught in the modern era.

There are many reasons, but that does not mean it needs to still remain hidden.

Learn this information and teach it! Let's keep this all alive!

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Kyusho Joint Locks Octagon  - How to cause Devastating Pain
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