Kyusho Jitsu Joint Locks


​Kyusho Jitsu Joint Locks

Kyusho Jitsu Joint Locks

Kyusho Jitsu Joint Locks

Yes there are Kyusho Jitsu Joint Locks and other small joint manipulations! Be​ing that my root art and linage is Kul Sul Hapkido I am very familiar with the joint lock world. And I always figured we did them pretty well too! 

Then I got into Kyusho Jitsu and discovered how much more effective they could be! How did this happen? The understanding of fulcrum/lever activation and 2 Way Action.

​2 Way Action

Even though 2 Way Action is not considered to be one of the principles of kyusho Jitsu study it is certainly a major foundation. Quite simply without 2 way action pressure points do not work very well. This is the big understanding that many people miss while looking into the science of pressure point self defense. Here is a great video on 2 Way Action and Intention! 

Recently I found some old video of my son teaching Kyusho Joint Locks. This is some really good stuff and it is not hard to add this to your current system. I have made this a bonus in another video set on Understanding Stances.

This is a great deal as you get 3 different video sets for ONLY $7.97!

Follow this link and learn more now!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Jitsu Joint Locks
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Kyusho Jitsu Joint Locks
Yes, Kyusho Jitsu does apply to joint locks! It increases there effectiveness many times over. Plus they are also great for setups!
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Kyusho Jitsu World
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