Kyusho Jitsu Grand Cross. How to Quickly Dislocate a Knee.

^ Kyusho Jitsu Grand Cross

Kyusho Jitsu Grand Cross: Attack the knees they say! OK that sounds like a good idea! But exactly how do you do this? What is the best way? Today I will spend a few minutes discussing 4 pressure points located at the knees and the meridians involved. A place I refer to as the Kyusho Jitsu Grand Cross.

Kyusho Jitsu Grand Cross - Pressure Points 

There are 2 meridians running down the legs and 4 pressure points located at the knee joint that makeup the Kyusho Jitsu Grand Cross. When attacked correctly these cause the knee to collapse and the attacker to go down.

Let's take a look at these pressure points now.

Kyusho Jitsu Grand Cross - SP-9 & Sp-10

SP - Grand Cross

Here we are going to discuss pressure points Spleen SP-09 and SP-10. First SP-09 is located on the lower border of the medial condyle of the tibia.

At the depression between the posterior border of the tibia and the gastrocnemius in the upper part of the origin of the soleus muscle. 

Pressure Point SP-10, when the knee is flexed, the point is located 2 cun above the Medio Superior border of the patella, on the bulge of the medial portion of the Quadriceps

At the superior margin of the medial condyle of the femur, in the medial margin of the Vastus Medialis muscle. Another way of locating this point is to cup your right palm to the patient's left knee, with the thumb on the medial side and the other four fingers directed proximal to the pressure point is located where the tip of your thumb rests.

I will cover the attack of these points later in the article.

Kyusho Jitsu Grand Cross - ST-34 & ST-36

Now we will take a look at the outside of the leg with ST-34 and ST-36. ST-34 is 2 cun above the laterosuperior border of the patella, between the rectus femoris and the vastus lateralis muscles of the thigh. 

And ST-36 is located 2 cun above the latero superior border of the patella, between the Rectus Femoris and the vastus lateralis muscles of the thigh.

^ Kyusho Jitsu Grand Cross

Attacking the Kyusho Jitsu Grand Cross

* Quads

To attack these pressure points individually is a waste of time. These would take a knuckle striking exactly the correct spot, which on the street is useless.

However the can be attacked very effectively with a kick or a stomp or the foot!

And like the name implies you strike across from one pressure point to the other in a cross like manner! Imagine an X on the knee, and you will attack either up and across to the other side or down and across to the other side.

Very simply really! Use cautious when training as the results are profound.

Kyusho Jitsu Grand Cross in Conclusion

Kyusho Jitsu Grand Cross CONCLUSION

This is an excellent set of pressure points to study and add to your self defense system! It causes the knee to "give out" on any person I have ever tried this on.

And the bonus on a person with a larger frame, assuming weight on the knee attacked, they will go down to the ground and dislocating the joint ending the FIGHT.

Thank you for reading about the Kyusho Jitsu Grand Cross!

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