Chi Power of Intention

Chi Power of Intention

* Chi Power of Intention

The masters of old, men like Morihei Ueshiba, Hohan Soken and Seiyu Oyata to name a very few had a presence. When they entered a room you knew they were there. Their students talk about their incredible abilities, but these abilities where not just physical, they were mental and spiritual also. They possessed the Chi Power of Intention

Some say that the commercialization of the martial arts has caused much of their teachings to be lost. And this is very possible. But I do not believe it has happened everywhere and in every Dojo. I have known many martial artists today who also have a presence to them. Men like Chuck Norris,  Wally Jay, Remy Presas and George Dillman have carried on these traditions. The all have / had presence and understand the power of their chi and its relationship to intention.

Martial Arts today is very "sport focused" and that is not in my view a good thing, but it is also not a bad thing either. It is however different. Different because the deadly techniques the masters of old knew and taught have been removed for safety reasons. They were also removed for other reasons like the teaching of children. 

That does not mean they are forever lost. I realized this in the mid 90's and began searching for knowledgeable masters willing to teach what they knew. And I found many!

Today my focus is to bring this information to you, if you are willing to learn.

Do NOT Seek to be like the Master

Morihei Ueshiba

If you look at Morihei Ueshiba's eyes and body posture you can see the inner power and tranquility he possesses. 

His understanding of all this information is like a river that runs very deep.

* Morihei Ueshiba

You see a bad mentality today. People idolize "celebrities" from all walks of life, then you discover the depth of their corruption. Do I REALLY need to name names? I do not have heroes, I idolize no one! Never put someone's success above your own!

And I understand something very important. "Do not seek to be like the master, rather seek what the master sought."

Do you think that the men I mention above spent their time arguing about politics on Facebook? Or promoting the lies of the powers that be to show people what good people they are with endless virtue signalling? Watching TV every evening, eating themselves to an early grave? 

They focus on what their masters knew and were consumed to learn everything possible in their chosen art.

Training is the KEY to success in every aspect of life! These men trained physically, and mentally. They also did something not done today in martial art Dojo's, they meditated developing a strong mind and body connection.

The Chi Connection

What is the Chi Power of Intention connection here? Development of Chi is essential, for mental and physical health. And strong Chi development gives you a presence in life. This intention is what makes martial arts effective in all walks of life. This is why the martial arts is a way of life and NOT a hobby or sport!

I am often asked by new students what makes me so effective with Kyusho Jitsu and knockouts. The reason is that I have a deep understanding of Intention, and I have spent decades in Chi training and development.

In Conclusion

* Chi Power of Intention CONCLUSION

I am going to give you some resources below to look at to help you develop the Chi Power of Intention as I am calling this.

It is up to you how far you want to take all these different studies. And today things must be broken down into study modules and areas. 

No one has the ability to move in with a martial arts teacher and focus exclusively on training.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Chi Power of Intention - Secrets of the Masters of Old
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