Pressure Point ST-35

Pressure Point ST-35

* Pressure Point ST-35

Kick them in the knee cap! Not a bad idea really! The knee cap dislocates and breaks pretty easy, and not much force is needed! But there is a better place. That is Pressure Point ST-35!

Pressure Point ST-35 - Location & Effect

This is a very important pressure point in acupuncture. So if that is of  interest you I do suggest looking to this more. But that is beyond the scope of the article.  

When the knee is flexed, the pressure point ST-35 is in the depression below the patella and
lateral to the patella tendon. It is a trauma pressure point. This causes intense local pain and knee injury will also result! This will be immediately followed by severe kidney chi drainage and damage causing immediate loss of power and tiredness.

In someone with kidney issues serious problems, like kidney failure, can and will result over time. This can also be a knockout pressure point because of the trauma and reaction of the brain. 

Striking ST-35

This is not an easy strike! While the knee is easy to strike itself targeting this pressure point will require a lot of practice and opportunity!

And training to strike this area is a great idea, remember that any strike to the knee, if there is sufficiency force will result in damage. 

Knee strikes are conflict enders

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In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Training is the most important thing to consider when looking at self defense.

While an intellectual study like Kyusho Jitsu can cause a dramatic increase in the understanding and effectiveness of the art you study there is no substitute for physical training

We live in very challenging times. And in my opinion martial arts training is going to go underground and online. I hope I am wrong, and I guess time will tell.

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Pressure Point ST-35 - Attack the Knees! Great Self Defense information.
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Pressure Point ST-35 - Attack the Knees! Great Self Defense information.
Pressure Point ST-35 - A great pressure point to train with for attacking the knees in a self defense situation. Learn more now!
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