Why Study Kyusho Jitsu?

Why Study Kyusho Jitsu

Why Study Kyusho Jitsu

You study martial arts and train hard every night! And you have been doing it for years! So, Why Study Kyusho Jitsu? What possible reasons could there be for doing this? Let take a look at the main reasons every martial artist should study the science of pressure point self defense.

Often times some martial artist believe Kyusho is a threat to their traditions and systems. This is simply just not true! Kyusho Jitsu, pressure points exist in all systems and styles. However this is usually not addressed and left to the idea of learning to STRIKE correctly.  For some students this is fine, however most students simply need more information.

And most of them want to too!

Why Study Kyusho Jitsu - Intellectual Pursuit

Pressure Point study, or Kyusho Jitsu as I teach it is an intellectual pursuit. I make an assumption that you train in the martial arts or some kind of Combat System. If you are not doing this then the benefits other than intellectual will not be there. You will only do what you train to do!

And I do not teach you how to strike. I do explain how to strike properly, with a correctly formed fist as an example, and with 2 Way Action. But I do not teach the basics of the martial arts here. So, why study Kyusho Jitsu? It will improve the effectiveness of your strikes, throws etc.

That is the main benefit! Improving effectiveness of our martial art is critical as we age and can no longer do the things we did in our 20's! 

But this is a long journey!

Reverse Engineering!

The idea behind the method in which I teach Kyusho Jitsu is to have you reverse engineer your training. What do I mean by this? First you look at the areas of the body your style teaches you to strike. This is after all where you will be most effective!

Then you examine the area for pressure points within this range! These are the best places for you to begin! From there you can expand what you are doing.

When someone says you cannot strike a pressure point under the stress of battle this happens for 2 reasons!

  1. There training is not sufficient
  2. They do not understand that training is first, pressure points are second

Anything else is putting the cart before the horse. Ego is also a major factor in stopping people from learning. Especially in these rather bizzard modern times. 

Better Kata Understanding

Another major reason as they why study Kyusho Jitsu is to develop an better understanding of your Kata.  

In any Kata you are striking pressure points. This understanding is critical to development as a martial artists. 

This deep understanding help the brain to build connections to movement and area that are being attacked in defense. 

Kyusho Jitsu Down Block

But not everyone sees this! And that is unfortunate. The tradition of Kata is so important to a well rounded martial arts education. 

In Conclusion

KWhy Study Kyusho Jitsu CONCLUSION

I do want to leave you today with another article on this topic called 5 Benefits of Kyusho Jitsu Training.

I am sure you will enjoy this article also! But no matter what I write about or how much information I supply to students there is nothing more important than the physical training in your art!

In today's dumpster fire world that becomes a challenge. However we can always find a way!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Why Study Kyusho Jitsu? - Reasons Martial Artist Learn Kyusho
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