Chi Training and Health. What secrets have been hidden?

Chi Training and Health

Chi Training and Health: The world is on fire, but it is till just a brush fire. And the fuel being used to create this fire? FEAR. Really aside from the damage of an uncontrolled fire it is kinds fun to watch. Today we will look at putting out this fire. Chi Training and Health, your natural state of being. 

Now I not longer live in the "west,"  and I have made my final journey to Canada. I will never return again. But I swear, the average IQ for the country has dropped better than 30 points.]

Why do I say this? Because today people do not want to learn truth, they want to be right. And my observations lead me to believe they LOVE this "pandemic." It gives them an excuse for their failed lives, their misery. It removes accountability for failure.

So what is the remedy? First the realization you cannot save the world, nor should you try. All you can do is fix your own life. Become physically, mentally and spiritually stronger.

Chi Training and Health - Fear

* Self Defense Fearmonger

Fear causes the body to become "acid." And you can feel this in your own body. Headaches, stomach issues to name a few.

But they have chemicals for you with side effects that include death!

Why would you take these? Brainwashed

Chi study, mediation and focusing on health not disease, changes the chemistry of the body to alkaline. Then the immune system works as intended, perfectly. Then you do not look to "deadly vaxxes" all unapproved by the FDA,  purely experimental so a drug company can made billions at your expense. And the drug company admits this on their website!

But fear, which is really never real, leads people to BAD decisions.

And if this is so great it would not require BULLYING, or massive marketing campaigns telling you that you need to care about others, when they are only do it for power and profit. 

Modern medicine is not about health, it is about illness. Keeping people at the drug store and SICK. You kill the beast by stopping his food supply! 

The money train STOPS DEAD if people become healthy. This is why there are laws prohibiting herbs for saying they can cure. All while after a trillion dollars of research there is no cure for cancer. ponder that a minute or two, 

And FEAR is used to keep you going to the pharmacy rather then focusing on your own health, what you consume and how you think.

I can quote you countless factually based studies and statistics (as apposed to lies called science today) that would shock you. But I cannot save the world, nor do I want to. <<people are free to make their own choices, but there is karma to all choices. I cannot feel bad for them.

Science today, which I call "lie-ence" has become a cult like religion lead by a evil criminal named Fauci who is their priest. Remember Jones Town? Drink the "koolaide" for a better life!

Chi Training and Health

Your body is a near perfect machine. The race of human has been in existence for thousands of years. We in TRUTH do not know how long. Empires have risen and fallen, and yet people survive. But today the unprecedented LIES and corruption of Government, Medical "science" and media are beyond anything we have ever encountered in history.

It is time to wake up and look to our inner self, looking for answers,  realizing that Chi Training and Health go hand in hand. No one needs dangerous chemicals to be healthy! Research a question. What has medical science CURED in the last hundred years? Research will tell you their claims are lies and the truth is the cures where herd immunity not their chemicals. 

You will heard claims, but never proof. When you ask for proof you are attacked. When you find truth all lies become self evident. 

Chi Training and Health in Conclusion

Chi Training and Health CONCLUSION

In this article on Chi Training and Health I am offering you an opportunity to reach amazing health. All aspects!

And you can do it without any cost. But unlike the LIES of the ideologues today, you have to do the work! If you do not do the work you will not get ANY result. 

We make the world better by making ourselves better. No one can save the world, but through Chi Training and Health we make our lives better and can share this knowledge.

Never trust your health to those who profit from your illness. Thank you for reading Chi Training and Health.

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