Kyusho Jitsu And Chi – Does Chi Exist?


Kyusho Jitsu And Chi - Does Chi Exist?

Kyusho Jitsu And Chi

This question, does Chi exist, gets asked a lot. There are many believers as there are non believers. I am not writing this article to convince anyone. I am writing to help people understand that MOST of the opinions they will find today on this, and just about any other topic are invalid. So let me explain about Kyusho Jitsu And Chi.

Back many years ago a once respected magazine gone tabloid National Geographic decided they wished to defame George Dillman.  Welcome to the modern world of special interest groups running media. Now George is a big boy and does not need my help to defend himself. But this was just a witch hunt. Aside from that there was an alleged "doctor" who stated, "science cannot find the existence of chi."

Kyusho Jitsu And Chi

They don't know what consciousness is either does that mean we are not conscious? They can't explain gravity or what it is. Does that mean it is not real? What governing body is science anyway? And how ​does this clown know all of what is researched, not researched or anything else? Another paid sellout to corporate media! I have known many doctors in my life! Some are brilliant and others not fit to flip burgers at McDonald's!   But they all practiced medicine!

Kyusho Jitsu And Chi - Let's talk science

Here is the definition of the word science according to Webster's Dictionary.

":Definition of science for English Language Learners. : knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation. : a particular area of scientific study (such as biology, physics, or chemistry) : a particular branch of science."

Today's definition of the word is more like religion​ or dogma. Nasa gives you admited CGI pictures of space and in the same breath calls them photos. Why? Because science sold it's soul for big corporate payouts for "research" (say what we want you to say) and big government grants (for the same reason).

Chi will NEVER be researched because if it can be proved that Chi influences the health of the human body then BIG PHARMA is in trouble. End of story!

There are many doctors of western culture medicine who believe in Chi. But they are for the most part not very wealthy. Does Chi exist? To mind my, my feeling YES it does. But you must make your ​own decisions. It is up to you want you believe or do not believe.

Below is a link to a free eBook/Report on Chi Development. Check it out! 

Kyusho Jitsu and Chi

In Conclusion

I have never been sure why there are so many skeptics when it comes to Kyusho Jitsu And Chi. But asking questions is the very best way to be! Just make your judgments after you do your won research. Certainly do not take what I say as gospel! 

So what is your experience with Chi? I would love to hear about it. Comment here.

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Kyusho Jitsu And Chi - Does Chi Exist? Discover the Physic Behind Chi
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Kyusho Jitsu And Chi - Does Chi Exist? Discover the Physic Behind Chi
Kyusho Jitsu And Chi - Does Chi Exist? What if I told you physics has an explanation for Chi? Read this article now and discover the Truth!
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