Protecting yourself from Brainwashing

Protecting yourself from Brainwashing

* Protecting yourself from Brainwashing

Updated April 14th 2021

Today the media, the medical industrial complex and the corrupt governments are doubling down on their lies and agenda!

Protect yourself NOW! Almost everything you have been told in your life is based on a LIE!

I have been full time in the martial arts world for almost 37 years now. I have seen trends come and go, and the world change dramatically. And I still believe that the martial arts is a way of life, not a style or competition. And I am pretty sure the majority of my readers and students feel the same. This is why today I am going to broach a sensitive topic. That topic is Protecting yourself from Brainwashing.

Why is this a sensitive topic? Because "pride comes before the fall" and no likes to think or let alone admit they have become brainwashed. But if you are on the internet, or watch TV you are brainwashed to some extent. And today this on slot is never ending. 

Mass Manipulation

Without saying the word let us first look at something going on today across the world. We all know what I am talking about. This issue, because it is purely a control issue, has divided the masses. There are people like me who have vetting the information and know it is a scam, and then there is the majority who widely believe the lie. 

So many times I have heard "I know someone who died of CV-19." You know someone who died, but you believe it is CV-19. You accept this information not realizing the hospital gets money from the government for this diagnosis. Just like the school system gets extra tax dollars for ADHD diagnoses. You did not know that? Do the research! 

And yet the death rate in 2020 globally is the same as 2019. And did you know the statistical FACT that 1/3 of death in hospitals is medical malpractice. Research this too! Look at the real statistics for deaths. BTW where did the flu go anyways? 


Some people, who are brain dead, think censorship is a good thing. They will site ridiculous example of why it is OK also. But if you want to control how someone thinks then you will control the information they see. Hide the truth, reinforce the lies.

And then they have full control of peoples minds. Shut down dialog and simply feed them information they want accepted.

If they challenge that information they double down on it and then attack you personally. As and example if you question the need for vaccines you are a "science denier." They will tell you that they can prove they are correct. Yet if you ask for proof you are denied. 

Mental Disorders.

Are you aware that when a society becomes obsessed by politics that signals the coming end of a culture? Are people obsessed today with politics? OMG YES!!!!

Almost ever person today is suffering from one extent or another of Cognitive Dissonance.

This has become the real "pandemic" in our world. And this can become a very serious mental illness also. Making people dangerous and violent. 

What about the very serious mental illness much of the world suffers from today believing that people are so pestilent, so diseased they need to stay away from them at all costs. And if they touch something with their bare hands it must be obsessively "sanitized" so no one gets sick and dies? That is INSANE

A dear friend was witness in Canada to a young child who's mask strap broke. This poor young boy screamed in terror believing he was going to die. These parents should have this child removed for child abuse. But this is how bad the brainwashing is. Protecting yourself from Brainwashing is a must! But first you have to admit the problem.

I did 10 years ago

Protecting yourself from Brainwashing.

I have become a recluse. So I live in the mountains of East Europe with my son, a friend and our Dogs. I started my research on this topic after high school. It was because of a class I was in and the teacher discussing the use of subliminal messages on TV and in movies to sell products. 

Now this practice is highly illegal. You don't think they would still do it do you? And it is even now easier with high definition video. You will never consciously see the messages. And today everything contains a message. 

In Conclusion

Protecting yourself from Brainwashing CONCLUSION

Hard times are coming friends. As I said I live a very simple life in the mountains.

I own almost nothing. And I work as much as 12 hours per day to bring you Kyusho Jitsu and Self Defense information because I love doing it!

But I also know I cannot save anyone from what is happening. You have to wake up and start question everything you believe today, And I mean everything. Recently I decided to write a book on the topic of Protecting yourself from Brainwashing.

There will be information and a link below if this interests you. I sincerely hope it does. Feel free to comment below.

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Protecting yourself from Brainwashing - First Steps to take back Your Mind
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