The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening

* The Great Awakening

Welcome to the Great Awakening, a time in history that will never be repeated. This is the time in history when we face a global battle of good vs evil. If you do not believe that by now I suggest you either start of think about it seriously and do some research. This article might help. But I am aiming this at those who are waking up or who are already there. 

What is the Great Awakening?

The Great Awakening began on December 21st 2012. Which signaled the end of the Mayan Calendar as well as the Winter Solstice. Many believed on that day the world would end. And in some ways it did end. But with each ending comes a new beginning. 

Today we are looking at 2 things happening. The Great Awakening happens in two parts. So lt me explain these 2 parts.

1) A Political Awakening
2) A Spiritual Awakening

Let's examine this in details now.

Political Awakening

Obsession with politics within the public has always throughout history signaled the end of a civilization. All you need to do is study the fall of Rome. Today people are obsessed with the ideologies of Right vs Left, or Liberal vs Conservative. However obsession or addiction always leads to extreme points of view. 

And what is this? A society of complete control, communism / socialism. And the jury has returned and given its verdict. That verdict is DEATH. It has always been that way, and always will be that way. Yet the indoctrination believe the lie. 

But it goes much deeper than this. Ideology represent pure EVIL. And ideology exists across society today. In government, sciences of all branches, religion and education. We are at the tipping point of utter failure.

And the only way forward is to first admit this to yourself, and come to terms with the FACT that everything you have been told or taught, the vast majority anyway, is a LIE. A lie created to forward evil and control people. These words resonate with any good soul. Even if they do not understand.

The words are repulsive to the evil. Dark fears light

Spiritual Awakening

Once you become politically awakened you begin the second phase. Spiritual awakening. You see the world differently. You develop intuition, a gift that was programmed from you, and your vision becomes clear.

As you become spiritually awake you connect with God or the higher self. This has nothing to do with any Church, but it can, and no specific religion, but it can. It has to do with the truth that you are here for a purpose and that the idea of creation being an accident is only a method for the evil in this world to control you. 

Science is one of the most corrupt systems in the world today. The death of true science came with the death of Tesla, and the hiding by the governments of his knowledge. 

The truth is life has meaning, and it has purpose, and that purpose is to be of service to others and for others to be of service to you. For us to grow and develop, and become everything we can be.

You have been sold a basket of good that tells of "there is not enough." as these evil bastard horde everything looking for more power. But they believe a lie too, and that is they are above God's law, or natures law if you wish. The truth is this world is abundant and there is more then enough for all. But soon you will see this.

A World At War

Truth stands alone. It needs nothing else. There is no need for manipulation because truth is light. Lies on the other hand must "fact check" and manipulate. Lies use fear to get people to comply. Today the lies believed by the great sleeping masses are funny.

They are so ridiculous it is beyond comprehension how people can believe them. The people who push the lies look dead inside because they are. They have sold their souls for POWER. But they have no power if people do not believe them.

I do not believe them. And I question all things, I look to God for answers. And I get them. 

Nature holds all the secrets to life. And the ancient wisdom of our ancestors does also. But you have been told something different. Lie upon lie upon lie......

World War III is an information war.

This is a passage from the book by Ayn Rand called Atlas Shrugged. It is a prophetic account on how EVIL got us to the place we exist now. But the good news is EVIL WILL LOSE.

In Conclusion

The Great Awakening CONCLUSION

There is good news. Despite the unprecedented lies and propaganda today there are great times coming.

We are on the precipice of an unbelievable change. That is because people are waking up in mass.

The sun is coming up. Hear the HOWL of the Wolf in the mountains.  Light dispels darkness. The rats are in the cornfield and they are his rats.

But the wolves of God with consume them.  This is the time of the warrior. The return of the KING

The Great Awakening is here.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

The Great Awakening - An Incredible Time of Unprecedented Change
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The Great Awakening - An Incredible Time of Unprecedented Change
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