Pressure Points Inguinal Crease

Pressure Points Inguinal Crease

* Pressure Points Inguinal Crease

What am I referring to when I say Pressure Points Inguinal Crease? The Inguinal Crease is the crease between the torso and the thigh. It creates a 'V' shape in the direction of the groin.

For the Kyusho Jitsu student this is important because of the intersection of 2 very dangerous pressure points that make striking the area very beneficial in self defense especially when it comes to a larger opponent. So let really get into the Pressure Points Inguinal Crease

Pressure Points Inguinal Crease

Here we are dealing with 2 pressure points that for lack of better words lie right over top of each other.  This is a "natural" Cycle of Destruction area and therefore a strike will always yield a substantial result. 

Pressure Point SP-12

Pressure Point SP-12 is the first of the 2 pressure points we will examine in the Pressure Point Inguinal Crease.

This pressure point is situated right over the femoral artery and can cause great internal damage to this artery.

It is also near the femoral nerve and will cause the whole leg to be paralyzed. 

The best strike to the area is in and down using a penetrating action.

A strong kick to this region can also knock the head of the femur and ball joint right out of its socket damaging the tendons and ligaments causing great pain and immobilization. 

*Deadly Pressure Point SP-12

There is also a potential for death if the femoral artery is damaged at this point. 

Pressure Point LV-12

The second is Pressure Point LV-12. This pressure point has a strong affect upon the genitals and when one is struck here, it feels like a strike to the groin and is as effective as a groin strike.

However it is easier to get to than the groin because the brain will not protect this area automatically.

Struck hard enough, this pressure point can kill due to the proximity of the femoral artery.

 A light to medium shot will cause the genitals to bleed. Internal physical damage is caused to the tendons and muscles at this area.

Damage to the artery can cause death.

The Pressure Point Liver 14
* Pressure Points Inguinal Crease

It is also know to cause serious prostrate swelling in men and permanent reproductive issues in women.

The angle and direction is the same as above, however you should chop the area.

Being that you cannot hit one pressure point without the other I suggest using the penetrating striking action as it is easier to perform in this area.

 How to Attack

This is one of the areas of the body people often ask how best to attack. First it is a strike for a large size difference. And if you train in any tradition Karate you already have the best movement to attack. That is the beginning of most Kata and something I refer to ask the "ready" stance. Drop into the horse stance and fire.  This is a great response to being grabbed, again my a larger attacker. 

The best tool is the index finger knuckle as the "eye of the phoenix." This is for taller attackers. The same movement on someone of your own size would work best at Alarm Point ST-25.

In Conclusion

Pressure Points Inguinal Crease CONCLUSION

This is an interesting area of the body to deal with. Highly dangerous due to the proximity of the femoral artery and nerve.  

Attacking is not as complex as it may sound. However I do suggest this is one area of the body est struck with both and simultaneously.

And be very cautious when training with a partner. A hard strike will be devastating!

If you have any questions about these pressure points or attacking, implementing them into your self defense system feel free to leave a comment and ask! If you would like to learn more about these and other pressure points on the body please checkout my book Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy.

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Pressure Points Inguinal Crease - Dealing with a larger attacker
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