HPPT Self Defense Psychology

HPPT Self Defense Psychology

* HPPT Self Defense Psychology

No matter who tells you the contrary violent crime is on the rise. The government supplied statistics are deliberately misleading no matter which country you are living in. There is a reason too! Governments love to collect money from citizen but they prefer to put it into their own pockets rather than into services for the people. Enter the need for HPPT Self Defense Psychology

Most police forces are shrinking. And with today's "WOKE" world police are chasing things put on twitter rather than as an example the 23% increase in knife crimes in 2018 in the UK. You will hear a lot of positioning about "gun laws" like that would actually matter. Criminals do not care about laws, especially when the system has so many holes in it they get out anyways.

Here is a great example! Back several years ago a man went crazy on a bus in Canada and stabbed, cut a man head off and began to eat the body. The victims name was Tim McLean.

HPPT Self Defense Psychology: Are you prepared? 

Can you image the life long trauma of those passengers? Why do I bring this up? Because this man was released and walks the streets of I believe it is Manitoba today. Having been deemed "cured" by doctors.  And this is because of the mental illness of today's western liberal extremist! 

Tell me would you be prepared for something like this? If you have that tough guy attitude I see in the martial arts world today you would die in such circumstances. 

* HPPT Self Defense Psychology

The Greater Good Lie

Today in our propagandized world you hear the powers that be refer to the "greater good." Like National Security this has nothing to do with the greater good of the people. But the greater good of the government agenda. 

Please read this important article on Violence Rises in Dystopian Hell.

You CANNOT be a tough guy with someone mentally disturbed.  And today not only has mental illness gone off the charts with the addiction problems in society,  but politics has created an envy based hate culture. Also enabling those with serious illness, illness that needs treatment not encouragement! This man in the crime above should have been deemed a "dangerous offender" and never released! But today politics makes criminals into victims! And victims into criminals! This is why real heads up Self Defense courses like HPPT is so needed.

And this problem is going to get worse. You have to understand you need more today in your training than just the traditional martial art / self defense knowledge.  

In Conclusion

HPPT Self Defense Psychology CONCLUSION

With that in mind I am going to recommend 2 books. These are being bundled together for a special price. I really want this information in everyone hands!

Follow this LINK to learn about The Psychology of Self Defense. This book explains the psychology of many attackers and well as training for it! The second is my Humane Kyusho Beginners Guide.  

The links will provide all the details you need. Also checkout this article on Humane Pressure Point Tactics. The article will offer you a free video too!

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below. Also I am adding a 4th Level to my Humane Pressure Point Tactics Course, and because of this I am going to run a special price on ALL levels.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

HPPT Self Defense Psychology - Understanding the Threat Today
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HPPT Self Defense Psychology - Understanding the Threat Today
Understanding the Threat today is critical. It becomes more important each day! HPPT Self Defense Psychology explains how self defense is multi dimensional
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  • Mike says:

    Your take on having red pepper gel or pepper spray or whatever spray for self defense . Havi g this spray in a holster buttoned in your right hip Not a cop.Only practice karate form for 30 mins not hitting target bags.

    • There is an issue, first you must train properly with it. Wind can bring this back into your face. And if there are drugs involved this can also be ineffective. In many places in the world it is illegal to care a weapon for self defense, the USA being the exception. In Canada having pepper spray can get you into BIG trouble. When I lived in Canada I carried a knife and a key-chain pole which can be explained in court for purposes other then self defense. A knife for apples and there was apple residue on my knife. The key-chain pole for keeping my keys on my body in my belt. I even got on a plane with that one. Thanks for the comment!

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