Anatomy of a Pressure Point

Anatomy of a Pressure Point

Anatomy of a Pressure Point

What is the Anatomy of a Pressure Point? Understanding this is essential of you wish to not just learn the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu, but also if you wish to be able to apply the knowledge. 

And application is where most people will fail.

What is a pressure point?

First we have to discuss exactly what is a pressure point. The anatomy of a pressure points simply this. A pressure point is a place on the body where an nerve ENDS. 

Or a place on the body where a nerve branches off in a "Y." Plus where 2 or more nerves intersect and/or cross over each other. This is also referred to as a nerve cluster

Pain and/or Brain Dysfunction will occur depending on which nerve is involved in the strike or activation and also what part of the body is involved.  The actual accessibility of some nerves will depend also on the body type of the person being used to train with. [or the attacker]

* Pressure Point TW-18 [Triple Warmer]

Striking a pressure point will result in anything from mild discomfort, extreme pain, and even unconsciousness up to and including death. 

How does this work?

Signals come from the brain flow through the various nerves to different parts of the body. However this is a 2 way path. Nerves also communicate through the nervous system to the brain to report all kinds of different information.

These are low level electrical signals, oscillating in both intensity and frequency to carry information. A strike to the area of the nerve will cause such a signal to occur. This signal reports damage or potential damage to the area. A strike will also if strong enough cause localized swelling and bleeding resulting in changes in Chi flow in the area. 

This change in Chi flow also has a direct effect on the electrical impulse travelling the nerve pathways.

What is Chi?

Chi Combat Course

The first thing the uniformed will say is there is no scientific evidence of Chi. That is a false statement.

While biology has no interest in the subject and therefore have not studied Chi, basic physics proves its existence. Electromagnetic inductance shows the existence of Chi. It however does not prove the purpose of the energy present, just its existence.

In acupuncture there is something called an EAV Machine that measure this the energy flow we call Chi. A strike to a pressure point therefore will cause a change in Chi flow, which will affect the electric signal in the nerve. 

How many Pressure Points are there?

When we look at one side of the body only, as meridians mirror on each side, we have 361 common pressure points. 

There are 12 Meridians on the body, each with a different number of pressure points on them. This does make learning a challenge, but if you follow the various systems I teach it is certainly not impossible.

There are also pressure points which are labeled Extraordinary Pressure Points. These add to the original number of 361. Included in all of this are Alarm Points, Associated Alarm Points and Special Purpose Points

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

That is a lot of digest I know! But I have provide links within the article to many of the keywords in the article to related materials This will help a lot!

One BIG suggestion I have is if you are new to Kyusho Jitsu to enroll in one or more of my FREE Kyusho Courses. This will get you started.

And I also suggest grabbing a copy of my eBook Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy. This book breaks down all 361 plus pressure points on the body, thus making the understanding of the Anatomy of a Pressure Point a little easier. 

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Anatomy of a Pressure Point - What is a Pressure Point?
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