Kyusho Special Alarm Points

Kyusho Special Alarm Points

What are Kyusho Special Alarm Points? Today I am going to get into this rather advanced subject. And it is also a subject often ignored by most Kyusho Jitsu students and instructors alike. However this is one of the most powerful "understandings" in the science of pressure point self defense. 

But first lets lay some ground work.

Kyusho Special Alarm Points - Types of Alarm Points

There are 3 different types of Alarm Points on the body. These are as follows 

1) Kyusho Standard or Front Alarm Points - These Alarm Points are located on the front of the body, with one more or less at the side [GB-25].

There is an Alarm Point for each organ on the body. These pressure points have a special and direct relationship with the organ they represent/govern. 

Kyusho Special Alarm Points

Attacking an Alarm Point can in theory affect the "health" of the organ. Especially if there are health issues for the person in question.

Kyusho Special Alarm Points

2) Kyusho Associated Alarm Points - These are located on the back of the body, along the Bladder meridian on the right side ONLY. These points are far more dangerous, and also harder to reach. 

Kyusho Associated Alarm Points have a direct relationship to the neurological aspect of the organ in question.  A proper strike can shut down the nervous system to the organ and cause failure.  These pressure points while on the Bladder Meridian are marked by their location on the spinal column. 

3) Kyusho Special Alarm Points - These are pressure points on the body that have an underlying function that is not always apparent to the practitioner. These Kyusho Jitsu Special Alarm Points are what we will discuss here.

Kyusho Special Alarm Points

Special Alarm Points when activated affect different meridians bilaterally but also the related organs and energy sources. Here is a list of some of the most useful of the Kyusho Jitsu Special Alarm Points.

  1. LI-06 – Activates Liver and Gall Bladder bilaterally as well as affects both organs
  2. GB-21 – Activates Gall Bladder and Triple Warmer bilaterally as well as affects the
    organs Gall Bladder and the Endocrine Systems
  3. SP-21 – Affects the entire chest and back area of the upper body as well as cause an imbalance between the Qi and Blood sides of the body. Here is more on SP-21
  4. PC-06 - Weakens the area of the chest on the body making it less resistant to strikes.

Now let's look deeper at Kyusho Special Alarm Points.

Kyusho Special Alarm Points - PC-06

Kyusho Special Alarm Points PC-06

PC-06 is located on the wrist, just above the joint.  This is one of my favorite of all the Kyusho Jitsu Special Alarm Points because it is readily accessible.

To see the affect strike your partner with about a 25-30% force on the sternum. Next press on the pressure point PC-06 and redo the strike with the same of less force.

You will find a profound increase in the affect.

The increase in affect is because PC-06 weakens the chest while it is being activated. The affect will stop as soon as the pressure point is release. I have replicated this on everyone I have worked with!

PC-06 also tends to increase pain when related to any kind of joint manipulation. Having your partner in as an example a finger lock and then pressing on PC-06 will increase the pain of the lock dramatically! 

Special Alarm Point are also tied into many other different kinds of "special function" pressure points like the following.

Kyusho Special Alarm Points in Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

I hope from this article you can see the power of Kyusho Special Alarm Points.

You will also notice that I am referencing other articles on this blog for different pressure points so you will have as much information as possible!

There are 361 standard pressure points on the human body, each with their own specific characteristics!  And as you can see the study of the science of pressure point self defense is very deep! These pressure points are all referenced from my new book called Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy. I will give you more information on this below! And you may wish to checkout the Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu. This is your "mobile" solution to Kyusho Jitsu study and reference.

So before you read this article where you aware of Special Alarm Points? And also thank you for reading this article on Kyusho Special Alarm Points.

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