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3 Crippling Leg Pressure Points


Top 3 Crippling Leg Pressure Points

Crippling Leg Pressure Points

Today we will talk about the Top 3 Crippling Leg Pressure Points for self defense you need to know! There is an old saying, that when in doubt attack the legs! 

But what is the most effective way?

3 Crippling Leg Pressure Points

The bigger the attacker the most fragile the legs. Legs do a lot of work as I am sure you realize. But when someone is BIG they work beyond what they should. Today there is an epidemic of obesity in the world. Especially in men. 

But that does not stop them from wanting to fight, or be a criminal! And you must understand your attacker, and what his weaknesses are! That is part of the study of the science of pressure point self defense.

Let's Attack the Knees!

Crippling Leg Pressure Points

This is the usual train of thought in the martial arts. And yes the knees are a weak area, especially on heavy people. There is a cluster of 4 pressure points around the knees that make great targets! I discuss these in DEPTH in the Novice Kyusho Jitsu Home Study Course!

But today we will bypass the knees and go for PAIN! 

Leg Pressure Points

Let begin with the first of 3 leg pressure points with GB-31!

3 Crippling Leg Pressure Points GB-31

1) Gall Bladder 31- This point is located as you can see on thigh, midway down on the Yang side. It is hit straight in like an arrow! The knee makes a GREAT weapon against it too! What happens? The leg will CRAMP. If you strike it hard enough when the leg cramps the quadriceps will cramp so badly they will TEAR. This pressure point is also often called the Charlie Horse Point. You can read a full article on the pressure point here.

You cannot walk let alone continue to fight under these circumstances!  

2) Bladder 56 - As you can see from the diagram this on of the leg pressure points that lies mid calf. 

Here is Bladder 56 3 Crippling Leg Pressure Points

Striking this point, like GB-31 will cause an INTENSE calf cramp. I accidentally hit this point once too hard on my Uki and he ended up with a muscle tear. I know you are getting the idea! The best weapon for this is the heal of your foot! If you have heave boots on you will get an even better result! You can also use BL-57 or BL-58. But I have found BL-56 the most effective. 

If you can't walk....can't fight!

3) Spleen 11 - I have talked about SP-11 many times! Located mid upper thigh on the inside this is perhaps the BEST of all leg points. I know people expect me to go with SP-6, which is a great point! Most of all it is a setup point. 

But today I want PAIN!

Because of where the point is located it can cause a neurological knockout if you hit is hard enough. The attack is straight in like an arrow. The knee is a great weapon and so is a front kick! If you want to know HOW it can cause an knockout read 5 Best Knockout Pressure Points Here.

Spleen Meridian Leg

There is also a very good possibly with a hard strike of cracking or breaking the femur bone in the upper leg. As I said before, this ends the altercation.  Here is a full article on SP-11 too!

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

The legs are one of the very best places to attack in self defense. And there are many more amazing pressure points other then these 3.

I chose these 3 because they work on 99% of the people I have tested on! 

Also they are not difficult to use! Therefore the reason for me choosing these. If you would like to discover more pressure points on the legs, or other areas of the body then you need to look at my new eBook Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy!

So what so you think? Do you have any other pressure points you prefer? Leave a comment below and let me know about them! [Click Here to Comment]

This new book covers every pressure point on the body, all 361 of them. Plus extraordinary pressure points and other special points.  You can read about one of the most deadly pressure points on the body, ST-09 by clicking the button below!

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