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Pressure Point Conception 17


Pressure Point Conception 17

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For the last few months I have been doing articles on the various pressure points on the body. Today we will have a look at one of the pressure points that lies on a vessel. That is Pressure Point Conception 17. This is a HIGHLY Dangerous Pressure Point and should not be "played" with.

Pressure Point Conception 17 - Location 

The pressure point CV-17 is on the mid-line of the sternum, between the nipples, level with the 4th intercostal space. Pressure Point CV-17 lies on a VESSEL of which there are 2 on the body. This one being called Conception and the second being Governor. The Conception Vessel is the primary source of all YIN energy in the body. While Governor Vessel is the primary source of all YANG energy in the body.

Both Vessels run up the center-line of the body with their origins in the groin area. Both flow up towards the head and come together in the mouth. This flow of energy is referred to as the "minor microcosmic orbit."

Alarm Point CV-17

Pressure Point Conception 17 is also an Alarm Point. A Kyusho Jitsu Alarm Point is a special purpose pressure point on the body that has a direct relationship to the organ in which it represents. In this case CV-17 is the Alarm Point for Pericardium sometime referred to as "heart 2".

Pericardium is a "sac" that surrounds and protects the heart. It is a working part of the heart. You can read about the pericardial sac here

Pressure Point Conception 17

Being an Alarm Point in this case and its relationship to the heart also makes CV-17 a very important Dim Mak Pressure Points as it can be used for delayed death touch.

Pressure Point Conception 17 - Effects

As I have stated this is a VERY dangerous pressure points. The first reason is that the sternum can be broke very easily! Death can result from this breakage. This has happened many times in situations like car accidents.

Striking this pressure point will cause an activation of the pericardium meridian bi-laterally on the body. And it will also cause a bilateral activation of all the rest of the Yin Meridians as well. A hard strike can cause the heart beat to be disrupted, which in someone with a heart issues could be deadly. A solid strike can cause cardiac arrest.

Hitting CV-17 is a certain manner, in which I will not discuss here, can also cause a change in the functioning of the heart itself with the potential of damage to the nervous system feeding the heart. An energy strike can also damage the arteries in the area with the potential for an aneurysm to occur. 

In Conclusion

Pressure Point Conception 17

I cannot overstate how dangerous this pressure point is. It can be used for setup for many different Kyusho Jitsu situations however it can only be touched lightly for this purpose as physical damage to the area can happen very easily. 

You can read more about CV-17 and every other pressure point on the body from my boo Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy

Are there any other pressure points you would like me to write about here? Let me know if the comments section!

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Pressure Point Conception 17 - Deadly Kyusho - Dim Mak Point
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