Too Lazy for Kyusho? How to be a White Belt Again.

* Too Lazy for Kyusho

Are you Too Lazy for Kyusho Jitsu study? Did you try before and perhaps found it overwhelming? Learning anything and especially martial arts or its niches requires dedication.

Today i want to look at the learning process and the reasons for failure. And there is a reason I am doing this today too. I am hoping through this article you will see the reasons for every problem we face in the world today. Because there is nothing new under the sun.

Too Lazy for Kyusho - Apathy

This is the thing, in my opinion, the number one reason for student failure in Kyusho Jitsu. Apathy breeds excuses. And as my business mentor Keith Hafner told me "losers always have excuses."  "Winners see opportunity." Here are some of the excuses apathy provides.

  • Kyusho does not work. This is the ego making excuses for laziness in most cases. It can also be bad self worth. 
  • I do not have time. Yeah right, this means you do not want too. Be honest with yourself.
  • I do not have a training partner. Neither do I anymore. But I do have an imagination that is step one is development. Much research has gone into "visualization and its benefits."
  • I don't have the money. This is most of the time BS. Things today are challenging, however McDonald's Drive Thru is always busy. That comes down to priorities most of the time. And I offer so much FREE stuff, more than anyone else. I also answer questions with asking for money to do so. This excuse I do not buy. 

No time, no money, these are excuses not to begin. Do not be Too Lazy for Kyusho if it is something you want!

Are you Too Lazy for Kyusho?

This year has been my busiest year in the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance. I am trying to get everything done by the end of the year so I can focus on my Dog Rescue in Romania. However because I am writing one of the most important book I have ever done, called Mastering the Octagon I have had to add more study to my schedule. And I was working 10-12 hours per day!

Most of all Octagon training makes Pressure Points / Kyusho Jitsu more effective. I was trying to look up something from my retired Kosho teacher and ended up hooking up with Hanshi Bruce Juchnik. Now I am going expand my knowledge of Octagon once again. This is awesome. I am going to study all of his content!  Don ț t be Too Lazy for Kyusho.

How do I do it?  How do I NOT be Too Lazy for Kyusho?

Here are some of the things i do.

  1. I have a schedule. I do not have a written schedule any longer but I have created the habit of getting up in the morning and "working." My hours are very odd, but that is because I am dealing with people around the world. Typically right now 4:00 to 21:00 hours.
  2. I put time aside each day for ME. If you are a Kyusho student this is where you can put your study time. It does not need to be a long period of time. Just a habit you create to study for a few minutes each day. Soon you will find more time. The average person who works in a real job wastes 7 hours per day.
  3. Get rest! Stay away from the boob tube and YouTube. I HATED the commercial that was on Comedy network. "Time well wasted." That is the mantra of failure! You have all the time there is. You do not get more, but you want to waste it?
  4. Research and ask questions. Asking questions online led to hookup with more Octagon learning. 
  5. Failure RULES! Do not let your ego run your study. This is one reason i wanted out of the Dojo world. I got so sick of student egos and whining when they had problems with a technique. Today I choose the people I work closely with. My seminar in 2023 is invitation only. 

Everything is Yin/Yang. Failure has a path and so does success. Are you too lazy for Kyusho? Ask the questions and take action. My book 101 Ways to Master Kyusho might help more. Are you Too Lazy for Kyusho? I hope not! 

Too Lazy for Kyusho in Conclusion

I don't have the money. This is most of the time BS. Things today are challenging, however McDonald's Drive Thru is always busy. That comes down to priorities most of the time. And I offer so much FREE stuff, more than anyone else. I also answer questions with asking for money to do so. This excuse I do not buy.  Are you Too Lazy for Kyusho? CONCLUSION

I love the work of Dr Jordan Peterson. He explains the issues of the world out very well.

And if you fix your own life, pursue with a passion the things you want, eliminate the things you do not want, throw those people out of your life who do not want the best for you.

 And treat yourself like you are responsible for your well being, you will succeed in Kyusho Jitsu or anything else you want to do in life. Thank you for reading Too Lazy for Kyusho.

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Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

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