Associated Alarm Point BL-23

Associated Alarm Point BL-23

* Associated Alarm Point BL-23

Today I am going to talk about a subject I do not write much about. That is Associated Alarm Points. And today specifically Associated Alarm Point BL-23. If you are not familiarity with the topic please read this article first

All Associated Alarm Points are dangerous. Some more than others! Back several months ago I wrote about Pressure Point BL-15 which is the Associated Alarm Point for the Heart. Therefore I do suggest reading that article as well. 

So lets get started!

Associated Alarm Point BL-23 - Location and Functions

Associated Alarm Point BL-23 is located 105 cun lateral to the lower border of the Spinous process of the [L2] 2nd lumbar vertebra. It is found in the lumbodorsal fascia, between the Longissimus and Iliocostalis muscles. Below there are images of the muscle tissues of the area of the back.

* Associated Alarm Point BL-23
* Associated Alarm Point BL-23

Always remember that at strike to any Associated Alarm Point has a direct effect on the organ itself because of the nerves exiting the spine are affected. In this case a strike can cause Kidney failure.

Now as much as a strike to Alarm Point GB 25 [Also Kidney], is enough to cause considerable kidney failure or blood in the urine, it will not be as profound as a strike to Associated Alarm Point BL-23.  Therefore always remember the dangers of any strike to back! 

If GB-25 and BL-23 are combined together death would surely occur quickly from renal failure. And with any hard strike to this area the damage to this pressure point is instant!

Hence the recipient not being able to carry on. And if quite a hard strike, he will fall to the ground instantly and not be able to continue. 

If the attacker is not treated quickly the Kidneys will fail over time resulting in death.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Associated Alarm Points are not complicated, however are all very dangerous.

I do not suggest ever striking these kinds of pressure points in training as physical damage often times also results to the spine. 

I will write more articles on Associated Alarm Points in the future.

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GM Art Mason

Associated Alarm Point BL-23 - A Devastating Pressure Points
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Associated Alarm Point BL-23 - A Devastating Pressure Points
One of the most devastating pressure points located on the back Associated Alarm Point BL-23 is a must learn for any pressure point student.
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