HPPT and Multiple Attackers. How to understand and deal with a MOB.

* HPPT and Multiple Attackers

HPPT and Multiple Attackers: I was sitting this morning thinking about what article to write. I have about 200 on this blog, all of which get updated a lot. And there is only so much as I talk about in a single article.

Then i had a email come in asking me "how do i beat multiple attackers?" The short answer is you CAN'T! So lets discuss HPPT and Multiple Attackers today and give you some depth of understanding. 

HPPT and Multiple Attackers 

There are lots of self defense experts out there who will happily tell you if you buy their product you can "defeat any attackeror any number of attackers. Then they will tell you about their vast experience doing so. But yet none of these people are in a jail cell? Hmmm.... So I call BULLSHIT!  Sadly most of this industry is made up of liars. But rather then knock them let's get into the meat of the situation.

First and foremost self defense is "defensive" while fighting which is what most of these people are talking about is "offensive." There is a time for offense, but I will leave that for another time. A "fight" which is what these clowns are talking about is an ego trip of "who has the biggest dick." It is SAD and PATHETIC and shows how far are society has regressed.

Rant off

HPPT and Multiple Attackers

There is a formula to deal with multiple attackers, but this is survival not "beating or winning." 

That thought process will get you KILLED. This is about survival! 

I had an experience in late 2010 with multiple attackers, a gang actually and I survived it without anyone getting hurt.  

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And under the circumstances I was in, the odds of "winning" were decent. However these guys only wanted money and the potential catastrophic of me deciding to attack was not worth a few hundred Euro. And I am too old for stupid "my dick is bigger" games.  I gave them what they wanted and walked!

High Level Training - HPPT and Multiple Attackers

Multiple attackers is HIGH LEVEL escalation and requires high level martial arts training. This training is hard to come by because of the focus on sport today. And while you can learn the basics from the correct course, you must train it until you cannot move, and then train it more!

Plus the variables in this kind of situation are endless! If you have 5 guys in a gang there are countless variable to consider.

1) Are there any weapons?
2) Who has a weapon?
3) What are the weapons?
4) Are their drugs involved?
5) What are the mental states?

And the list goes on and on!

Where did I learn?

My mass attack training comes from several places. First and foremost is the mastering of the Octagon.This is a defense understanding of pure movement and how to be safe under any situation by controlling the movement of the attacker. 

This is combined with training in Systema also. Which is not a martial art but a combat system. My eclectic root art of Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido is founded on all of this and more.

HPPT and Multiple Attackers in Conclusion

HPPT and Multiple Attackers CONCLUSION

The actual physicality of this is beyond a pressure point article or simple video. I cover the specific training for this in great details in Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level Three Certification

But to become effective at this kind of defense you have to do the work and train for it! 

You also need to understand many of the psychological aspect of self defense. My best advice? Avoid situations or places you can encounter these scenario. Thank you for reading this article called HPPT and Multiple Attackers.

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