Lie! Easily Defeat Any Attacker

Easily Defeat Any Attacker

Defeat any attacker

I hope you are not buying that headline? Really I can’t believe I saw this ad again, “Easily Defeat Any Attacker!” The ad was specifically targeted at saying that you don’t need to learn to fight to knockout anyone who is attacking you. Now I know they are referencing pressure point strikes, even if they call them something else. I should order the course for fun!

So why am I writing about this? Because in today's world there is a very dangerous belief that somehow you can be guaranteed an OUTCOME. That is simply just a lie!

Easily Defeat Any Attacker. The statement is FALSE

There are people out there in the world who can defend themselves or fight without training. I was one of the them. When I was a teenager I just loved to fight. I never lost. But that was something about me internally, my psychology, and not everyone is this way.  The claim of defeat or knockout any attacker is totally bogus, and it is a reckless and dangerous statement.

And I am often shocked how many times I see these kinds of claims.  EX military people selling what they know. Personally I question everything including their claims. However an important note to make. "COMBAT" is not self defense. The entire concept is different. In combat you train to KILL or BE KILLED. On the street you training to survive! Escape with your life in tact.

Apathy Self Defense Today

Easily Defeat Any Attacker - The FACTS

To easily defeat any attacker or successfully knockout any attacker is very possible. But without serious training, in a solid root art the odds are almost zero.

In a video from this ad they have someone fending off the attacker with a chair. Cool, but if the attacker is unarmed, and you crash the chair across his or her head, that is not self defense under the law. You cannot have a weapon unless they do! It is critical in self defense to understand the rules and apply them well. 

There are also many serious misconceptions when it comes to knife defense and gun defense. Linked are important articles I do suggest reading. 

There is no easy fix!

To increase your odds of successfully defending yourself there are things or “tools” you need. Here is a basic list of those self defense tools.

Pressure Point Art of Self Defense
  1. A solid root art, one that incorporates self defense training into it. Not all do this, some are purely sport. There are those who believe sport is enough. No, it is NOT enough, here is why. Sport fights go on for minutes, you don’t have minutes, this must end in SECONDS. Plus they rely on physical fitness levels that CANNOT be maintained throughout life. A solid self defense root art will provide a great foundation to build on.

2. The science of pressure point self defense, called Kyusho Jitsu will enhance the abilities you have developed from your root art. This is critical in order to cut down of the conflict time. The longer the defense goes the more likely you are too lose.

Adding Kyusho Jitsu

The phrase  coined by Grand Master Dillman, "one second fighting" is the ultimate goal.  It is a great goal! It is also possible because of Kyusho Jitsu to be obtained.  

One of the best ways to end any attack is with a knockout.  And Impact alone with not guarantee a knockout! Now I do not talk from anything here other than personal experience. Therefore I am not someone who read a book and makes claims like so many today.  However I did write a book on the subject. 

Kyusho Jitsu is not a "magic pill." It will however make the self defense aspects of your martial art style more effective. And this is what is needed! Making every counter strike that lands more effective! If you are new to Kyusho Jitsu follow this LINK and get started FREE.

In Conclusion

Easily Defeat Any Attacker Conclusion

This is not about how to easily defeat any attacker. This makes it sound like you are playing a game. Self Defense is about surviving the threat. Do not get sucked in my these kinds of claims of becoming a super fighter. 

You need a self defense course or information that builds from the ground up. Dealing with "escalation levels" and counter measure that put your safety first! 

And of course understanding how the law works to make sure you do not get attacked and end up being the one in JAIL. 

You have a right to self defense! Understand it fully! So have you encounter ads like these? Or course that make huge claims? Feel free to leave a comment here

And please read this article on the changing face of self defense because of our world of mass surveillance. And I got suspended on Facebook for this article too!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Easily Defeat Any Attacker- A Self Defense Lie! Learn the Truth!
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