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Free Kyusho Masters eBook

Free Kyusho Masters eBook 

So what is the Free Kyusho Masters eBook? Well I am going to give you, but only for a few days the opportunity to download one of the Kyusho Master Series eBook / Video companion sets for FREE! And the one you get is about "sound and colour"

Here is some of what you will get!

In this first volume I will go over exactly how sound and colour work, and how they can be added to your self defense system.  In this 1st Master Series Volume I will explain using multiple colours, healing to destructive colours, plus how meridians are affected! 

With sound I will define using double, and triple sounds. As well as when and where to use them!  This chapter will be the ULTIMATE Sound and Colour Experience!

This is actually 2 different Kyusho Jitsu Principles , however we will look at them in details in this new eBook because they have a close relationship to each other.  In this new first chapter you will discover the “how” of sound and colour, as well as “why” they are so effective on the human body

The chapter will detail using combinations and various intensities to increase the results. Plus the use of the healing cycles with the destructive cycles, to once again increase the effectiveness.

Free Kyusho Masters eBook - Examples for each:

  • Intensity of colour
  • Shading, transitioning from one colour to another
  • Directional sounds, tied to elements and their uses.
  • Chaining sounds to attack meridians.

How do you get your
Free Kyusho Masters eBook?

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How powerful is sound in Kyusho?

Below is a video of a knockout I did many years ago using sound! But you will have to listen to hear it! I did not talk about this during the class!

In Conclusion of Free Kyusho Masters eBook

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

So why would you not take this offer? It is really FREE and there is nothing to buy! Plus after you download you can always opt out of the mail list! But if you do you will miss more amazing FREE offers like this one!

Do you have any questions about this video or sound? Click here and ask! I am happy to help.

I hope you will take advantage of the Free Kyusho Masters eBook. It is really free and you have nothing to lose. And everything to gain. 

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