Painful Arm Pressure Points

3 Most Painful Arm Pressure Points

Most Painful Arm Pressure Points

What are the Top 3 MOST Painful Arm Pressure Points? The arms are critical in self defense because this is what the attacker brings forward first! Therefore a solid understanding of the most effective and painful Pressure Points of the arms is a must!

When I say effective pressure points I am referring to the ones that work on the MAJORITY of people tested. When I say "painful" I am referring to a result from pain that does not allow the fight to continue. Nothing in self defense can be guaranteed. There are no guarantees in life.

Painful Arm Pressure Points - LI-10

Painful Arm Pressure Points

This is an outstanding pressure point, located on the upper part of the forearm near the elbow. This is a STRIKE point, however you can also "press" on it, but I personally do not recommend that in a self defense situation. 

This Pressure Point is struck straight through like an arrow.  Note the "through!" You hit this point HARD, striking through  towards the ground.  There is no "light touch" for pressure points. Always remember light is for training and therefore not hurting your partner. The streets are DIFFERENT!

When this point is hit hard there is intense pain, and the hand will open slowly as the pain shoots towards it. The entire arm will go numb from the elbow to the hand. Any weapon will be DROPPED. The effect can last 10 to 20 minutes depending on how hard and clean the hit is. But always assume a short recovery time! 

Reference - Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy


One of the most popular and easiest to access pressure points on the body LI-10. Located 2 cun below LI-11, on the radial aspect of the radius, in the extensor carpi radialis brevis and longus muscles.

This pressure point can have a huge effect on the body. A strike straight down and through will paralyze the arm, and in some cases can potentially stop the heart.

Striking upward causes a shock wave to rise up the arm into the upper body. Will cause knock out if struck hard enough. When used with ST 9 has the potential for begin a deathblow!

This pressure point will affect the entire Large Intestine Meridian, especially around the arm, neck and face, hence the fact that ST 9 works really well with this pressure point. Again, when struck slightly upwards, the lower body will lose Chi and cause nausea. I have personally seen instances of diarrhea that can last for many days of untreated.

Painful Arm Pressure Points - LU-06

LU-06 Painful Arm Pressure Points

This is another very effective pressure point located on the inside of the arm halfway between the elbow and hand on the thumb side.  This point, located mid radial bone works on everyone I have ever tried it one. This is why it is such an effective pressure point.

Striking all pressure points and getting a good results means you need to be using 2 Way Action. Below is a short video demonstrating both Lung 6 and 2 Way action. 

Also note, the tighter the grip, the more painful the result! There is also something else very interesting about this pressure point. If the attacker has any chronic lung issues, striking this point will cause them to cough. Therefore telling you more about them and potential attack points. 

Reference - Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy


This Pressure Point is located on the palmar aspect of the forearm, on the line joining LU 9 to LU 5, 7 cun above LU 9. The point is in the brachioradialis muscle, in the lateral margin at the upper extremity of the pronator teres muscle and the medial margin of the extensor carpi radialis brevis and longus muscles.

When struck hard the arm will immediately begin to go numb down towards the hand. The hand will also open slowly if the fist was closed. The tighter the fist is held the more pain associated with the strike.

Chest pain is also common. Striking too hard, too often can also cause sever breathing distress which can lead to death. This Pressure Point like LU-05 can also be used for Lung resuscitation.

Painful Arm Pressure Points - TW-17

TW-11 Painful Arm Pressure Points

This is the last of the 3 most effective pressure points of the arms and it is one of my favorites. This point also works on everyone I have ever tried it on! I also had the occasion many, many years ago to use it in self defense. This was an incident in 2007 in Caracas Venezuela at the airport. The result was a fleeing attacker with a dislocation of the elbow.

Now this pressure point is located just above the elbow joint at the tendon.  The best result will come when the hand is twist so the palm is in the same direction as the elbow, exposing the point more clearly. However a hard strike will compensate for the hand position. Striking or rubbing this point will cause the elbow to release making dislocation easy. 

Reference - Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy


Located 1 cun above TW-10. This pressure point weakens the elbow joint itself making it very easy to break or dislocate the elbow. Basically, stimulation releases the joint.

This is an excellent point to stimulate in any self defense techniques in which the arm is straight. This is one of my personal favorite pressure points.

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

There are literally a hundred pressure points on the body that can cause intense pain when attacked. However not all are very accessible, which in self defense is a BIG consideration. This is why I chose these 3 to begin with. 

Do you have any pressure points on the arms you really like to use? Tell us about them by commenting from here!

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