Why Gmail Sucks. Five Important Reasons to never use GMAIL

* Why Gmail Sucks

Why Gmail Sucks: I hate Google, and I hate everything about Google. Recently I removed over 5000 videos from YouTube, and I do not use their services.

I created my own video platform. I am about 95% Google free. But it is a process. Today I want to discuss this at length

And discuss the latest censorship and cancel culture crap from them, Microsoft and Yahoo.

A day or so ago, depending on when you read this, I had a student who had purchased from my Kyusho Online Video Course Site not get his emails.

I had to manually send his credentials to him. Then in the morning I checked the logs of my bulk email service and discovered GMAIL had in the last 48 hours bounced all messages to gmail accounts.

And Why Gmail Sucks!

Later in the day I discovered Yahoo and Microsoft was doing the same. So everyone updates their "spam" policy at the same time? I do not SPAM anyone.

There are unsubscribe links in every message, and people have to "opt-in" to receive emails. 

This sounds like shadow banning to me. Banning any email address they are not making money on. This is an attack, another attack on small business by the corrupt. 

Why Gmail Sucks - they reads your emails
Did you know that gmail reads every email you have coming in? They do this to target ads to you. And they admit this. It is called surveillance capitalism, but in FACT is a violation of your privacy. You would need a lawyer to understand their "terms of service" which changes like the weather to keep their lies of the mainstream alive. Protect their narrative. 

All of this is UNETHICAL. Therefore it is time to stop using these corrupt communist companies. A TRUE free market means you have choice. And if you choose not to use them they go BANKRUPT.

Why Gmail Sucks!

Like Coke and "too white" to be an employee campaign. I will never drink a coke product again! And Bill Gates with his "Impossible meat."

If you knew the contents you would vomit! But soon this will be exposed too.

You know I am BIG on protecting animals but this is all a lie! Agriculture has kill more animals that any other action! Electric cars have a greater impact on the environment than gas cars. And Bitcoin is not destroying the world with power consumption, ALL BOLDFACED LIES!

Dr Death Bill Gates is committing Crimes against humanity with his "college buddy"  "doctor-yeah right" Fauci. Both these men need to go to tribunals!  Fauci is perhaps the evilest man of modern times. He needs to suffer like the people who he has infected with his vaccine! And there has never been any virus proven to exist.

Western Medicine must go as it is pure corruption and crimes against humanity. Legal killing and drug pushing. 

You have been HAD. But I regress.

Why Gmail Sucks! - FREE as in FREEDOM!

Below are some email provider who are not spying on you, steal your identity and commit crimes against humanity like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. There are some problems with their services because the are FREE. But for the most part they are pretty good.

  1. Proton Mail
  2. Tutanota
  3. Librem Mail
  4. Mailbox
  5. Tor-Guard

Here is an article from a trusted source with others. Oh and use DuckDuckGo for a search engine. You get real results from them. 

Why Gmail Sucks! - Actions to Take

If you are not planning on moving your email from this companies it is your choice. However you will have delivery issues unless you do some whitelisting

You will need to whitelist the email addresses and domains below to assure, or help assure delivery. I am working to make changes to my domain DNS setting to try to get by these new bullshit "rules", however this will take time and is very complex. Thank the Lord I have the knowledge to do so! Can you see why gmail sucks so very much? 

Even if you do decide to dump these corrupt anti-human companies whitelisting is a good idea. So you see why gmail sucks?

Why Gmail Sucks in Conclusion

Why Gmail Sucks CONCLUSION

There are IDIOTS out there who will say this is "capitalism." Yeah no moron this is Fascism. Get a CLUE. 

I recall back in the 90's when I was first using the internet, before it was called the internet through an educational network. So much has changed and so much needs to change. 

We do not need it to be censored because that lead to the Stalin USSR Communism. 

You can take total control of your internet experience, but you have to do the work. I know today working is against many people's "principles" but if you follow me, you likely love to train and work.

If google users stop using the services and move on then these companies will FAIL and we will get the internet back. Today search engines are useless because you cannot get real results with companies like Google giving you horrible pain results and results from companies like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And if it is not them it it redit, which is a crap platform of trolls.

Thanks for reading Why Gmail SUCKS. And since you now know Why Gmail Sucks, stop using it!

PS - My life is 100% Microsoft Free! Google 95% Facebook 95% and more to come. 

Surveillance Capitalism is the manifestation of George Orwell's prophesied Memory Hole combined with the constant surveillance, storage and analysis of our thoughts and actions, with such minute precision, and artificial intelligence algorithmic analysis, that our future thoughts and actions can be predicted, and manipulated,

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