Special Application Pressure Points. What is so special?

* Special Application Pressure Points

So, what do I mean why I refer to "Special Application Pressure Points?" How are they different from other pressure points points on the body? What makes them different from other types of pressure points like Alarm Points? Are these the same as Special Purpose Pressure Points

Let me begin with YES, I have renamed what I have termed as Special Purpose Pressure Points to Special Application Pressure Points. The reason is these 4 types of pressure points have a deep application to them. So the term "special purpose" does not do them justice.

Special Application Pressure Points - What are they?

There are 4 classification of these Special Application Pressure Points, and you may have heard of these 4 classifications before. But I promise you have not seen the power they possess! 

Let's break them down:

  1. Underlying Indicator Pressure Points
  2. Influential Pressure Points
  3. Collateral Pressure Points
  4. Confluent Pressure Points

Note I have linked all the above to articles with more information. 

However these articles only scratch the surface! And I am currently in the process of writing an eBook on the topic it is so vast. Depending when you read this article the eBook already be finished.

Why are these types of pressure points so important? Because each grouping has a profound effect on the body. And because of this you can dramatically increase the effect of a pressure point strike, and in truth take to a deadly level with ease. 

Back when I created Combat Pressure Points I wanted to do a video series on high level self defense and how pressure point nerve strikes can be applied. Application is usually the most confusing part of Kyusho Jitsu for people. And they feedback on this course was great!

Then when the sequel was introduced I based it on my learn on Confluent Pressure Points. That is what the video course Kill Shot Pressure Points is all about. Very deep information but not that hard to apply! 

Special Application Pressure Points and Dim Mak

Most of all, and really I found this incredible, was the application of this to Dim Mak theories. My new course Dim Mak Theories to Street Applications is based on Influential Pressure Points and how they affect the body oping it up for Dim Mak energy attacks. 

This is some really cool stuff! If you are not familiar with the Dim Mak Project you can read more about it here and get a free video too. Dim Mak is a complex art, with a deep study and understanding need to apply it.

I am hoping that course will help to shed some light on its power.

Special Application Pressure Points in Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

And most of all in regard to this article read the LINKED articles on each of the 4 classifications of Special Application Pressure Points.

This will get you started understanding their power! If you do the work you will get the results. 

Thank you for reading Special Application Pressure Points. 

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*Special Application Pressure Points

Special Application Pressure Points

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