Deadly Pressure Point TW-17 [Triple Warmer]

Deadly Pressure Point TW-17

This one has been long awaited! So today I am going to talk about Deadly Pressure Point TW-17 [Triple Warmer/Triple Heater]. One of the most dangerous pressure points on the body, therefore TW-17 is not to be taken likely! So let's get into it!

Deadly Pressure Point TW-17 - Location

Pressure Point TW-17 is located behind the ear posterior to the lobule of the ear, in the depression between the mandible and mastoid process.

The correct angle and direction does vary. However for control press in and forward across to the other side with 2 Way Action.

* Deadly Pressure Point TW-17

Deadly Pressure Point TW-17 - Applications

One of the most painful and potentially deadly pressure points. This pressure point is easy to access by press in with a finger [pericardium finger the most effective] and seal with the other hand, but difficult to strike effectively. But not impossible with proper training.

Below is a video with a short demonstration.

However, once a solid strike is made the result is devastating. As a control pressure point it is very effective! Once hit there is a potential for a separation between the spinal column and skull resulting in permanent paralysis and possible death.

A jaw dislocation is also very possible using proper angle and direction. The later is the most common result.

Deadly Pressure Point TW-17 in Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

While difficult to strike, but not impossible TW-17 is an excellent control pressure point. 

This property makes Deadly Pressure Point TW-17 an excellent one to use in low escalation self defense situations, giving your the ability to escalate the response quickly if required. 

What do you think of this pressure point? Have you used it yourself? Thank you for taking time to read about Deadly Pressure Point TW-17.

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