What Makes a Pressure Point Deadly?

* What Makes a Pressure Point Deadly?

What makes a Pressure Point Deadly? I have been for several months now doing extensive articles on different pressure points for self defense on the body. But today I want to answer a specific question with this article. the question is "what makes a Pressure Point Deadly?" How can someone be killed with a pressure point strike.

So let's jump deep into this topic today!

What Makes a Pressure Point Deadly - The Points

I am not going to focus on specific pressure points in the article. I wrote an article back a little while ago called the Top 5 Deadly Pressure Points.  There is nothing mystical about pressure points. They are very simply a place on the body where a nerve ends, crosses over another nerve, or branches off like a "Y." 

However because of the anatomy of the area, some pressure points are very dangerous, even deadly, while others have little to no effect at all! Today I will be explaining why certain pressure points are deadly, and the reasons why they are. This will also help you to learn to "map out" the body and know in advance that perhaps the pressure point in question might result in death. 

Where is the pressure point located?

This is the first element we need to talk about to address this question, what makes a pressure point deadly. 

We can first divide the body into 3 different categories or areas.  

1) The Head: 

* Dim Mak Pressure Point BL-10

Obviously ANY strike to the head has the potential to cause death. And this is because of the possibility of brain damage due to concussion, hemorrhaging etc. Depending on the part of the head the chances will vary greatly.  

Many of the initial BLADDER pressure points are very dangerous because they fall in an area of the skull that can be damaged with little impact! In these cases death is not so much related to the pressure point as it is to the strength of the skull itself.

That being said there are pressure points like BL-10 that can cause serious injury and death because of the pressure points association to the nerve, and the functioning of the nerve and related organs. 

One possible affect is the shutdown of the muscles in the area that protect the brain stem and the integrity of the skull to the spine. This is what makes a Pressure Point Deadly.

An energy strike will have other effects like those explained here

2) The Chest & Abdomen:

Naturally when we discuss the chest area we immediately think of the heart and lungs. And the rib-cage which protects them. However here we have a host of nerves and pressure points that have a direct relationship to different arteries and vessels, as well as the organs themselves. 

As an example we can look at one pressure point that everyone is curious about. This is Spleen 21. I consider this one to be the most dangerous pressure point on the body because it servers many different special functions. 

But let's look at it purely based on the question, "what makes a pressure point deadly?"

*Deadly Pressure Point SP-12

"As you can see from the above diagram SP-21 is located on the ribs, about center of the bicep with the arms hanging. The exact location is on the lateral aspect of the chest, on the mid-axillary line, in the 6th intercostal space. An intercostal space is the "meat" between the ribs which is a hotbed for nerves!"

SP-21 is also located at the weakest point on the rib cage. A break in the ribs can of course puncture the lungs, which if not treated immediately will result in death. On the left side of the body a badly broke rib can also damage the heart or the "aorta."

Spleen 21 also has a direct tie into the Vegas Nerve, which is also referred to as the heart nerve and can therefore affect the functioning of the heart itself. This can result in a drop in blood pressure, irregular heart beats or cardiac arrest. 

If you hit outside the area of activation the result will not be as serious to the ribs themselves and will not affect the nerve.  The more accurate the more devastating the results. Can you see What makes a Pressure Point Deadly?

3) The Arms and Legs

* Pressure Point LI-10

The final area of interest is the arms and legs. For this example we will look at Pericardium 2 which is located  2 cun below the end of the anterior axillary fold, between the two heads of the biceps brachii muscle.

Aside from tremendous and crippling pain when struck because of the radial nerve breakage or the "humerus bone" can result in damage to the artery and death resulting from bleed-out internally. 

From a purely Kyusho Jitsu or Dim Mak standpoint this pressure point is less dangerous than the ones above. However if used in conjunction with as an example LU-03 has a direct effect on the heart. There are other much more dangerous arm and leg pressure points Like LU-05, and SP-11. I am sure by now you can see What makes a Pressure Point Deadly.

What makes a Pressure Point Deadly in Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

As you can tell What makes a Pressure Point Deadly is a deep and complex topic.

Kyusho Jitsu study requires perseverance, vigilance and HARD WORK. Then you will be able to get a real result!

And you need to realize that results come with time!

How long have you either been studying or interested in the study of the science of pressure point self defense? Is there anything I can do to help you? Leave a comment HERE.

And since today I am updating this post I am going to leave you with a video from a Kyusho Club Webinar on Deadly Pressure Points. Enjoy!

Thank you fr taking time to read this article on What makes a Pressure Point Deadly.

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