Death Touch Pressure Points


Death Touch Pressure Points

Death Touch Pressure Points

For the last few months I have been doing a series of articles on various pressure points and different types of pressure points on the body. Today I will take a look at the Death Touch Pressure Points of Dim Mak. This is not going to be an exhaustive article. Just one that makes reference to which pressure points are which and why. I will provide references to other articles for more details.

Death Touch Pressure Points - Dim Mak Vs Kyusho Jitsu

Back a few week ago I wrote an article called Kyusho Vs Dim Mak which explained the differences between the 2 arts. Therefore I will not go back into those details. 

So what are "death touch pressure points?" The idea behind Dim Mak as explained in the articled linked above to to attack not just the nervous system of the body, but rather the "vascular" or blood systems of the body.

Therefore the pressure points desired with have an affect on the vascular system or the nerves that directly control this system.

*Dim Mak Vs Kyusho Jitsu

Now it would surprise you as to where some of these pressure points are located. With the above statement you would consider them to all be part of the chest cavity. However death touch pressure points can be found all over the body. This even includes the arms and legs.

Why is that? Because they not only tie into the arterial systems of the body, but the nervous systems as well.  The body is connected together in many ways. And therefore all these systems matter. Dysfunction in one area of the body has a affect on the entire body.

Death Touch Pressure Point Striking

death touch pressure points

In Dim Mak striking is done in a different manner than with Kyusho Jitsu. Dim Mak is about "deep tissue" strikes rather than nerve strikes of energy strikes to nerve bundles. 

The idea of deep tissue striking is to drive Ki or Chi energy into the body to cause a temporary disruption or permanent damage to the area. There are many different types of deep tissue striking tools. One of which is the "Vibrating Palm" and the others being the 6 Ji Hands of Bubishi."

All of these striking actions and methods are cover in my Dim Mak Project Courses at Kyusho Jitsu University. Now this is an over simplification of the striking.  

Sample Pressure Points of Dim Mak

Below I am going to give you a list of pressure points that are considered to be Dim Mak Points.  This list is far from exhaustive, however if I have done an article on the Pressure Point in question I will link it. 

The Short List of Dim Mak Points

For a complete list of these pressure points you can refer to my Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy book. This coming summer I will be doing an update to give more information on the "Dim Mak" pressure points. Anyone who has purchased this book will get the new edition when finished FREE of charge. Learn more about Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy here.

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

To study Dim Mak is a logical progress for the student of Kyusho Jitsu. They are irrevocably tied together! 

Do you have any personal experience with the study of Dim Mak? I would love to here about it! Comment here!

Dim Mak Project Courses

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Death Touch Pressure Points - Legendary Pressure Points of Dim Mak
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Death Touch Pressure Points - Legendary Pressure Points of Dim Mak
What are Death Touch Pressure Points? Today I will discuss the Legendary Pressure Points of the Dim Mak and how legend becomes reality.
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