Self Defense in a Lawless Society

Self Defense in a Lawless Society

* Self Defense in a Lawless Society

Update April 25th 2021 - How long will people allow terrorist ofganizations like the DNC - BLM - Antifa to run the American streets? My focus in the martial arts world is primarily Kyusho Jitsu. I rarely ever talk about the self defense aspects in blog articles any longer because people are just not interested. In the Western Cultures apathy is the order of the day! I even posted an article called Self Defense no More saying I was done trying to wake the world up! But today I am going to try again and discuss Self Defense in a Lawless Society

And our society becomes more lawless each and every day.  The government has sold out, and even the courts have sold out. People are controlled and manipulated with lies afraid to go outside because they may die from a virus that is a HOAX to enslave the human race. 

When I got up today to begin my work I saw that the domestic terrorist organization in the USA, back by the DNC torched a courthouse in Portland. And if you do not know their website redirects to the white-house? I will not link it directly but please look.

There you will see an image of the "FAKE" Pedophile Resident Joe Biden.  And it is PROVEN by hundreds of images and doctors who performed surgery to quell his lust for children. But he is a free man pretending to be important and Americans tolerate it! 

 Somehow there is part of the population that is NOT SCREAMING for his arrest for crimes against humanity! They are more worried about his dementia. I do not care he is broken, I care about him being above the LAW.

Martial Arts and Apathy

The Martial Arts world, and I mean world need to get the focus back on what matters and that is NOT SPORTS.

Sports today make me want to vomit.

Honestly, there is no honour in sport! What is more important, a trophy and your ego, or your family being safe while mentally ill people run your governments? And if you think sport prepares you for what is going on today you are an IDIOT. And I mean that! 

Honour is not stupid philosophical posts on a communist criminal platform like Facebook or Twitter!  This is not the time! Get out nd TEACH and no more of the "because of Covid" crap. That cat has been out of the bag for a long time! 

Honour comes from getting out and teaching people to BE SAFE in today's world,  teaching Self Defense in a Lawless Society. Helping people protect their families! Not who won the fight last night! 

Self Defense in a Lawless Society

A big problem is people with their obsession with right vs left bullshit when it is a battle of GOOD VS EVIL If you do not see that I cannot help you. We have no middle ground here anymore.

I know many high level martial arts people, and many are so are useless! Why? Because they "think" that because they know everything because they have 40 years in the arts. This is a JOKE. I have 37 and I study and learn everyday and try to pass this information on! And I still have so much to learn. 

when i comes to Kyusho Jitsu I fight to keep costs as low as possible, yet people still bitch because everything is not free. Funny too, because there are 240 educational articles here, yet readership is no were to the level it should be. This blog has a great search function. If it is Kyusho you can find it here. Try to read it all! It is worth the time. 

I guess people are just to self absorbed to learn? Really I do not know anymore.

In Conclusion CONCLUSION

Now this is not everyone, and the odds are if you are reading this you are one of my dedicated followers and I thank you sincerely!  

Below I am going to link some important courses and information. Have a look. If you are not interested that is fine. Just do not complain later.

Plus I support all my products myself, And I am sure I am the only one in Kyusho who does this! I could be wrong but I do not think so. Thank you for reading Self Defense in a Lawless Society. There are real solutions to teaching personal protection below. 

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Self Defense in a Lawless Society - Things MUST CHANGE
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Self Defense in a Lawless Society - Things MUST CHANGE
Self Defense in a Lawless Society is a result of the apathy of society. The Martial Arts world needs to go back to its self defense roots.
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