Self Defense Strategy

Self Defense Strategy

* Self Defense Strategy

Do you have a Self Defense Strategy? Or are you working out of anger and ego? This is a very important topic and questions today as we go day by day in the Dystopia of 2020.

It seems to me that many very talented and wise martial artists, and martial arts Master have lost their path. I say this because of serious mistakes being made in Self Defense Strategy that 10 years ago would not have happened. 

Victory of WWII

There is an opinion today that the USA entering WWII was the reason for the Allies victory. While this was an important contributing factor it is not the reason.  The real reason for Allies victory over the Nazi was because England manage to decode Nazi communications and therefore KNEW WHAT they were planning, and where they would strike.

If this had not happened the world would be a very different place! And we are heaed that way once again!

Today the world faces many very serious issues. The western culture is in serious threat of falling to communism because of extreme views, extreme corruption and the manipulation of people with serious mental illness. Violence is condoned by the media and the extreme left as long as it fits their agenda. 

Be WILLING to lose small battles

And I see today a massive fight and battle of MASKS.  I watch as much time and energy is wasted on this front! In a battle for the United States of America do you send all your troupes to Parma Ohio? Of course NOT! You strategically choose your battles.  

There are much more important battles to be fought and won! And masks is the least of our worries at this time. 

But, in case you do not see it, this was a successful divide and conquer tactic. And has been used wisely by the enemy today with great results! Right now this ground is worthless in the grand scheme of things.

Never Show Your Cards!

I look on Facebook as people do such foolish things! I was invited to a group called "Questioning Covid." And everyone has a right to question this! But what I found was simply sad. Organization of activities to storm places of business refusing to wear a mask.

Seriously? Do you not see the bigger picture? And here they are telling the powers that be exactly who they are, where they live, what they will do next and thinking this was a good idea!

What happened? I their lack of strategy, which is really Self Defense Strategy the group was infiltrated by Antifa shills and rendered useless.  More ground lost! When you give up your right to privacy, you give up your security. And Facebook is the LAST PLACE on EARTH to plan a resistance!

Self Defense Strategy

Victory can only come when a strategy is made and then proper tactics are imposed. And the problem is people want an easy victory! But this is no longer possible. You must do the work! 

All communications of resistance today must be ENCRYPTED and NOT on Social Media! Do not ever talk about WHO you will vote for in the coming election!! Give them NOTHING! Your ego is causing you to make BAD mistakes. Serious mistakes! Calm down and THINK!

You can find people of a like mind on social media, then immediately take communications to encrypted email, or a truly end to end encrypted instant messenger like Signal. DO NOT USE WHATSAPP! It is owned by Facebook and therefore corrupted! Do not use gmail or any other email of its type. I have a private server, but you can use Proton mail which is perfect what what is going on!

This mean work! But victory is never easy!

In Conclusion

Self Defense Strategy CONCLUSION

Put your egos aside! We are at war for our freedoms today. And most are not prepared. Victory requires a new paradigm. I do not have many answers for what is happening today. But I can tell you that this needs to be approached with a COLD unemotional mind.

"Revenge is a dish best served cold." Khan Noonia Singh

That quote is true in this situation and so is "Chance Favors the Prepared Mind.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Self Defense Strategy - Strategy & Tactics together are needed.
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Self Defense Strategy - Strategy & Tactics together are needed.
Do you have a Self Defense Strategy for today's world? Are you prepared to accept what is coming down the pipes from those who wish to rule us?
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