Kyusho Jitsu Facts

Kyusho Jitsu Facts

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I have a daily segment on YouTube on Kyusho Jitsu Facts. I am sure some of you have seen it! But today I want to address a FACT when it comes to the science of pressure point self defense. And this FACT will upset some people. But if you don't piss someone off each day you are not doing your job!

Kyusho Jitsu is a SYSTEM

Yes, Kyusho Jitsu is a SYSTEM not a martial art! The success in Kyusho Jitsu is based on YOU having a solid foundation in some martial art of self defense system.

Why do I say this?

Because Kyusho does not teach you to block, strike, kick, sweep or throw! This is the job of your root art! Kyusho Jitsu will help you when studied and applied to make those things taught in your root art more effective.

Kyusho Jitsu Self Defense Tips

Now lets look at a scenario. How often do you hear of someone in a car accident who rear ends the person in front blame their brakes? That is sometimes possible, however the grand FACT is that rear ending someone is an epic fail of your driving skills! Nothing else. That is why you get charged by the police! 

Kyusho Jitsu is no different. When you say you cannot "hit a small target like a pressure point," or "this is fine motor skills and you need gross skills" is not a Kyusho Jitsu Issue.

This is a root art and training FAIL.

Nothing else! But people do love to spend their time making excuses for their short coming, lack of ambitions or egotistical nature! 

Knowledge is not Power

That is right, knowledge is not power! Applied knowledge is power! If you want to be safe on the streets it requires training! Not just hitting a heavy bag or jumping into a ring. It requires a well rounded, all inclusive learning and training processes that includes everything below.

  1. A SOLID self defense oriented martial art root system
  2. The addition of the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu.
  3. An understanding of the attacker and the reasons it happens.
Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

After dedicating myself for 35 years to the pursue of self defense / martial arts knowledge I have made many discoveries. One is that often times martial artist like to lie to themselves and believe they know everything! And no one does!

Second they focus so much on "power" not understanding how power is really created! A great deal of what I see in the wild is constipated motion. Kyusho Jitsu will take you back to natural movement and a deep understanding of how power is created

Have a question? I am always happen to answer. Ask here.

Kyusho Jitsu Facts - Self Education

One of the sad Kyusho Jitsu Facts is there are not enough qualified Kyusho Jitsu Teachers in the world to help you. Therefore it becomes necessary to use various distance learning methods. 

And exact information on the different pressure points on the body is needed to be successful! So today I have a small gift for you to help you get started! Fill out the form below and I will send you a "Sneak Peak" of my Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy. But remember to confirm your email!

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Combat Pressure Point Video Course

In a time where violence is disguised as "peaceful" you need to learn Combat Pressure Points. This all new video course is for life and death self defense situations. Understanding which pressure points yield the more dramatic and devastating result.

Free Kyusho Jitsu Courses

If you are interested in learning more about the science of pressure point self defense called Kyusho Jitsu you can begin FREE! And that is also of of the Kyusho Jitsu Facts! At least with the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance it is! Follow the link below and learn more about our FREE Courses to get you started.

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Have a great day!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason
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