How to Add Pressure Points for Self Defense

* How to Add Pressure Points for Self Defense

Today I am going to discuss how to correctly add pressure points for self defense into your martial art style or system. And I can tell you while this does take time, it is not a complicated thing to do. Pressure Point fighting exists in ever traditional martial art. There are no exceptions. However the master of old were often times very restrictive teachers, teaching some people everything and others virtually nothing.

Pressure Points for Self Defense

This is why today the martial arts practiced are so watered down. Also many styles like Tae Kwon Do were modified for children, but the same system taught to adults. 

Firstly Kyusho Jitsu, and Dim Mak have been under attack for decades now. The uniformed with opinions call them scams, and state they do not work in the street. This is simply a misunderstanding on their part of virtually everything about martial arts. The funny thing is many of these martial artists revere the master who came from Asia. Funny but this is contradictory. 

Mysterious Martial Arts

When the martial arts first came to the west they appeared to be very mysterious. The master could defeat people without any effort. And the reason was no one had ever seen anything like them before. 

The intimidation factor was very high! Every hit made was to a pressure point also. The results were devastating. But eventually people began to accept the arts, and they mystery evaporated. 

Pressure Points for Self Defense

At the same time what was being taught to the western culture for most part was very watered down,. And taught quickly because the men learning with mostly military and they moved on quickly. The teaching of pressure points faded, and power became the driving force in training. And for the most part it remains that way today.

In the History of Martial Arts many of the old master only taught to hit correctly, but if you did not see what they were doing you lost out. This is why now you need to understand how to add pressure points for self defense to your system.

At the same time as they mystery was disappearing from the martial arts George Dillman began to teach Kyusho Jitsu. Because the information for the most part had not been isolated before, and most martial artists had never seen it, it once again looked like magic. 

Therefore any martial artist who believed that somehow he was GREAT because he was a Black Belt, or an instructor began to attack Kyusho Jitsu. These men have enormous egos, and views of grandeur. In the martial arts world there are far too many megalomaniacs. And it is these clowns who have done a great deal of damage to the reputation of the martial arts making many in the main stream view them as cults.

Pressure Points for Self Defense

With all this in mind you can see who adding Pressure Points for Self Defense back into martial art styles is so very important. 

Kyusho Jitsu or Pressure Point study is a journey. And because you were not taught to strike correctly to begin with, attacking these areas of the body, you have some learning to do. However how deep you wish to go is up to you! And you can start for ZERO cost. Plus I have dedicated thousands of hours to this blog which is a wealth of information. And I teach for real. I do not hold important learning back.

Pressure Points for Self Defense:

Step One:. Look at the areas of the body your current root art or self defense system is targeting.

Step Two: With reference to those target areas, what pressure points exist in that area and what effects can be expected from them? You can get some FREE Charts to help you here.

Step Three: Modify your techniques and striking method accordingly to get the desired results. This article are Pressure Points real will help you too. 

Step Four: Have a serious look at your Kata. Bunkai and understanding of what is happening here is critical. But this is a lifelong journey. Martial Arts training is a journey not a destination.

Pressure Points for Self Defense in Conclusion

Pressure Points for Self Defense CONCLUSION

Pressure Points for Self Defense: Pressure Points WORK, period. When they do not work it is not because they are a scam.. You are the reason. Everything in your life (or mine) is because of your thoughts and actions.

If you win, it is your fault, if you fail, it is also your fault. Do not make excuses and play the blame game that is so common today! Honestly that is pathetic. 

If you have read this far I am sure you want to succeed. And I am happy to help answering any questions you have along the way. Here is a link with contact information

Thank you for reading this article on Pressure Points for Self Defense.

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