History of Martial Arts. Why History is Important

* History of Martial Arts

History of Martial Arts is no different than any other form of history. When I as young, in high school, I hated history class.

But then the school system was pretty useless because in Canada little of real world use was taught.

They focused on the war of 1812, when it should have been WWI and WWII. But I digress. 

Today as an old man in the mountains I love history. Most importantly for the sake of this article the History of Martial Arts. "If we do not now where we come from, then we will not know where we are going." 

History of Martial Arts

In today's modern martial art environment, with the focus on sport, this history is being lost. And that is very sad. We now risk losing a lot of great traditions and teachings. We have already lost so many.

History of Martial Arts - Masters of Old

My first "Grand Master" never talked with us about the history of Hapkido. I wrote an article on this called the Essence of Hapkido to discuss some of this history.

And the reasons I created my own art form. I did not dishonor history by doing this. In fact I kept history by growing and developing.

The martial arts world is full of egos, and ego makes someone unteachable. In today's world people are more focused on being "right" than knowing the truth. 

And this is a vast majority of the population in the western cultures. In martial arts it is terrible.

No master of old created anything. Martial arts is simply movement. However they developed ideas of understanding movement and understanding why people do the things they do. And I laugh when I see the in fighting within systems, saying "no professor did it this way" somehow thinking that the great grand master never learned and evolved himself.

Then you look at the fact that each person arguing trained during a different period with "professor." Let's continue with the History of Martial Arts.

History of Martial Arts

The death of these legendary masters left a huge hole to be filled. And aside from a few great martial artist this void has been filled with ego and self serving actions. An example is the teaching of Oyata. I one night about 11 years ago got a phone call while driving home from the Dojo. It was someone claiming to be a direct decedent of Oyata.

He went on and on about Dillman. I politely ended the conversation. You are such an egotistical loser you worry about what someone else is doing? If someone is a liar it always comes out. But liars always try to hide the truth.

And very sadly today in the western cultures lying has become virtue.

History of Martial Arts. Why History is Important

Without the study of the history of the martial arts I am afraid many of the current systems will be gone within a few years. I am not going to name them, but I think many of you see this. And this is not the fault of commercialization of the arts. You can commercialize and not sell out. It is an egotistical teacher trying to look important. Fact is on the grand scheme of things none of us are.

Today in my old Dojo in Canada, which I have no direct involvement in, my picture hangs. To me this is an honor for me. Because the teachers want their students to know where they come from. This way they can see where they are going.

Back in fall 2020 while I was in Canada a former student came to see me at the Dojo. He then preceded to point out everything the current teachers were doing wrong. I told him that I was not concerned and he did not need to be either.

But often he would try to correct me on the floor having no idea where I was going with the teaching. This is all just ego. And it means learning has stopped. History of Martial Arts is of great importance for the future of the martial arts. 

History of Martial Arts in Conclusion

History of Martial Arts CONCLUSION

Learn the History of Martial Arts, about your styles or styles. Do some research. But do not do it to create and "way." And prepare to learn that much of what you believe is wrong.

Most of all if this is true embrace this learning opportunity. I love being wrong! 

I have a project on the table for the Preservation of Martial Arts History. Please follow the link to learn more. And that you for reading History of Martial Arts.

Remember your perception is equal to your reality.

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