Pressure Point Self Defense. How to save your life through escaping.

* Pressure Point Self Defense

Pressure Point Self Defense. Save your life through escaping a bad situation quickly. This article is a little different than any I have written previously on self defense.

And this is because the times are very different. I hope you will continue to read to the end. I am sure you have noticed that the world has changed dramatically in the last decade.

And most of this change has not been for the better.

Our freedoms have been attacked and free speech has almost vanished in many places. But thankfully over the last few months many people have woken finally to see what is going on. But this is not about that, or what I call the death of the western culture.  

And to my mind that is a good thing. However I am also sure you have noticed the increase in street violence. And just how many "crazies" there are walking around today who explode into violence just by seeing an American Flag T-shirt,  SO today I am going to discuss the learning of a skill for the streets, Pressure Point Self Defense, and how to save your life through escaping. So let's get into this.

Pressure Point Self Defense

Kyusho Jitsu or pressure point fighting is a great study. But it is an intellectual study that assumes a strong martial art background. And over the years more and more people have developed an interest. The problem is today most martial arts systems are sport based and do not properly address self defense needs. This is not true for all martial arts, however the methods of training are often very limited.

And the fact is today many martial arts are technique based. They train with techniques on a stationary opponent and believe this can be used on the streets based on their free sparring or Kumite. But kumite is SPORT. And only a fraction of the entire picture of what martial art, karate or any other systems should be about.  Waza or techniques, Kumite, Kata are all VERY IMPORTANT training aspects of the martial arts. But much is missing still. 

Pressure Point Self Defense that works needs more. 

Pressure Point Self Defense - other considerations

There are other things to consider today on the streets.  Your right to self defense is in great jeopardy. The fact that there are cameras everywhere tells you that you better be 100 percent right when defend yourself! This has been seen with charges against police officers who were defending themselves, but video is altered to make special interest groups happy.  In the USA you have a "legal system" not a "justice system" which means that some people are above the law. 

In Mexico any street fight that brings the police means both parties go to jail.  Plus, and most important is the guy who is attacking you likely has friends waiting to step in and kick the hell out of you if you want a solid blow of any kind.

What is the solution? Learn the art of escape to enhance your pressure point study.

Art of Escape - Pressure Point Self Defense

Secrets of the Octagon

Most martial arts teach what to do in the event of an attack. Pressure point or Kyusho study teaches where to strike. What is missing is the "when." This is where Kosho Ryu, the art of escape comes in. 

Martial Art today which are pretty much all technique based teach to react when you see an punch coming. Kosho teachings to respond as soon as you see movement.

And then to move based on the angles of the Octagon

The basic teaching here are to escape the situation with any contact happening. However you could depending on the circumstances make an easy pressure point strike to say ST-05 or LI-18 and cause a pressure point knockout.  Beginners Kosho Ryu study gives you these kinds of options. And this is all part of Pressure Point Self Defense.

Pressure Point Self Defense - In Conclusion

Pressure Point Self Defense CONCLUSION

The study of Kosho Ryu helps to make pressure points work effectively on the streets. Kosho is a complete martial art study and there is enough teaching to last a lifetime. It is a preparatory first art, reactionary second.

The majority of martial arts are only reactionary. Plus it is concepts based, not technique or Kata based. However it includes everything. 

I am going to give you some options below that you can learn more about Kosho. This will include a free video to get you started. 

Thank you for taking time to read Pressure Point Self Defense!


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