Alarm Point CV-05

Alarm Point CV-05

* Alarm Point CV-05

Today I want to talk about Alarm Point CV-05. Now this pressure point located below the belly button and is also extremely close to CV-04, and CV-03 therefore we are going to be discussing all three in this article.

Alarm Points are powerful beyond belief once you have truly studied them. And as I have said a thousand times. You gotta do the work!

So lets get started now.

Alarm Point CV-05 - Location and Effects.

Alarm Point CV-05 is located on the mid-line of the abdomen, 2 cun below the umbilicus. This pressure point is the Alarm Point for Triple Warmer Organ /Meridian which makes it a very important pressure point in self defense.

* Alarm Point CV-05

This is an image of the Endocrine System

A strike here will cause disorientation, and depression as Triple Warmer is the controller of the endocrine system of the body, and therefore the emotions. Striking this pressure point hard without treatment, can shorten someones life. This makes Alarm Point CV-05 very powerful and something not to mess with unless needed.

Alarm Point CV-04 is also, because of its proximity, activated if CV-05 is struck. Located on the mid-line of the abdomen, 3 cun below the umbilicus this is also the Alarm Point for Small Intestine. 

A strike in the correct direction, hard will cause death from Chi blockage. You are stopping the YIN energy in the body. If struck upwards will result in immediate, extreme high blood pressure condition, with fainting and possible death.

And if struck downwards will cause extreme Chi drainage,  with a knock out. Are you seeing the power of Alarm Points? 

Next we look at Alarm Point CV-03, which is the Alarm Point for Bladder. Located on the anterior mid-line, 4 cun below the umbilicus, 1 cun above the upper border of the symphysis pubis. A strike here can will cause the person to drop to their knees immediately in extreme pain. Immediate damage to the Liver, Kidney and Spleen can occur as well as to the pubic area.

The bladder will also void immediately which ends altercations. When the attacker pisses his pains he has a change of state. And loses his desire to continue. 

In Conclusion

Alarm Point CO-05 CONCLUSION

Alarm Points are amazing. Now in this article I have not really talked about the Alarm Point effects.

You can read all about Alarm Points here. This is very important reading so check it out!

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Alarm Point CV-05 - Learn all about this devastating Pressure Point
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Alarm Point CV-05 - Learn all about this devastating Pressure Point
One of the TOP pressure points for self defense learn all about Alarm Point CV-05. This is a fight stopper with one strike and assure success
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