Why Pressure Point Knockouts Fail! What went wrong?

* Why Pressure Point Knockouts Fail!

Why Pressure Point Knockouts Fail! First before I get into the meat of the subject I want to qualify the word knockout. When it comes to pressure points or Kyusho Jitsu if you prefer I like the term Brain Dysfunction better. Knockout implies an absolute state of unconsciousness which does happen, but not always.

Pressure Point Knockout fail for a few reasons. One will be the focus of the article. I will however address another briefly. 

Also here is an article on the 3 types of knockouts that occur. And most of all, an article on making sure your Uke is safe at all times. 

Now the uneducated masses will now scream the reason pressure point knockouts fail is because pressure points do not work. WRONG, any failure in any martial art is always YOU! You either do not study hard enough, train hard enough, or perhaps to are too egotistical to learn. Now with that out of the way lets move on.

Why Pressure Point Knockouts Fail! - Missing the Mark

This is the first and most usual reason for failure of a knockout. You are attempting to hit as an example Pressure Point GB-20 and you are off the mark. This is common especially in Novice students. However time does fix this issue. And this will occur most often at exams and demonstrations. Most of all it is also linked to the main reason for the article. 

And that reason is BODY MECHANICS, but not body mechanics in the usual way I discuss them. 

When I first began my Kyusho Jitsu learning knockouts were very easy for me. And I watched many people struggle with them. However my students, those who studied in my Dojo Art Masons' Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts had very few issues with knockouts. That is unless one thing happened. And this was they did not have correct triangular alignment

And there is a reason for this.

Why Pressure Point Knockouts Fail!

And I must be honest, I did not see this reason at first. But the root art I founded [Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido], based on my original root art of Kuk Sul Hapkido was also based heavily on the foundations of Kosho Shorei Ryu, which is all about correct body position and alignments.

Let's take a look at a knockout I recorded many years ago.

Now while the camera is not at the best position please note that as I place my left hand on his jawline, and the strike with the right hand, the point from my two shoulders to my hands creates a triangle making Pressure Point ST-05 the focal point of this triangle.

In this shot to the right you can well see the triangular alignment being created.

* Why Pressure Point Knockouts Fail!

Let's look at another knockout, this time on the leg at Pressure Point SP-11.

Interestingly, because of Kosho I unconsciously always look for triangular alignment whenever I train.

I also make sure I am relaxed and ever out of my center. In this image you can see how I lined up my centers with my Uke's so the kick could be sent to the center I forced upon him, giving me correct angle and direction, as well as correct distance. 

The result is a knockout on a leg pressure point. That is how powerful all this knowledge is when worked correctly and trained constantly. Now you are really seeing why Pressure Point Knockouts Fail!

* Why Pressure Point Knockouts Fail!

Why Pressure Point Knockouts Fail! - In Conclusion

Why Pressure Point Knockouts Fail! CONCLUSION

I hope this information helps you to see the reason why pressure point knockouts fail. Without correct body mechanics, correct centers and alignments you will not get the result you want. Some root arts like many of the Kempo styles have these mechanics within the from day one.

Most martial arts, like Hapkido as ONE example DO NOT. 

And this knowledge when trained becomes natural and can be applied on the streets. And to those who want to cry that it cannot, well keep your mind closed and limited. You are the failure not the martial arts.

Thank you for reading Why Pressure Point Knockouts Fail!

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