Kyusho Seasons of Life

Kyusho Seasons of Life

* Kyusho Seasons of Life

What am I referring to when I say "Kyusho Seasons of Life?" A long time ago people understood the seasons of life. Today, youth is valued higher than age, which is a critical error in thinking in my opinion. The season of winter is no longer honored in most cultures and what a sad situation that is. Wisdom comes from experience, not books, Facebook, Twitter or opinions. And the elderly are a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, if you listen.

Because Kyusho Jitsu operates in the 5 Element Theory from Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine the season because important.  But most people will never be able to understand or apply this knowledge. However, maybe a few will understand this article. Even if one person does, then I have done my job!

In our world, for much of the planet we have 4 season per year. In life because of the 5 Element Theory we have 5 seasons. And each season has an element. Let's take a deep look at all of this. 

Kyusho Seasons of Life - The Seasons

Spring - Wood

* Kyusho Seasons of Life

Spring is the Wood Element. And on a calendar begins with the Spring Equinox.

In life it is your birth. At this point in life your energy fields and meridian systems are growing and developing. 

It is a very difficult task to add an age to these seasons, because everyone is different. But for the sake of argument lets call this birth to 18. 

1st Summer - Fire

Summer begins at the Summer Solstice. This is logically people from lets say 18-25. Again there is not way to be accurate. This is the burning or fire within you to achieve and reproduce. That begins to slow down around the again 25. 

2nd Summer - Earth

The second summer comes when you begin to become rooted. Life takes on a less chaotic form and begins to settle down. Age wise this is from 25 to 40. Time frames today are very different due to the obsession with consumption we see today.

* Kyusho Seasons of Life

Autumn - Metal

The Autumn years of life begin around the age of 40 and run to about 60. Your direction in life changes and you begin to think on a more conservative manner. As you grow older you begin to see the need to save or conserve. Health begins to change and recovery from injuries slows down considerably.  If health has not been cared for in the younger years chronic illnesses begin to show. 

Winter - Water

* Kyusho Seasons of Life

I am entering the Winter of my life. Winter is 60 till death. And because our western culture has become so messed up people think this is a bad thing. It is not, it is a wonderful thing.  If you lived the seasons well winter becomes a peaceful time.

You understand how your body works and moves. And you feel changes in your health.

But only when you understand the season.  Old Man Winter is long and wise. I hope to reflect that wisdom.

Kyusho Seasons of Life -  Why does this matter?

So how closely have you been paying attention? Did you see this is the Cycle of Creation. Not all of Kyusho means destruction. This Kyusho Seasons of Life is about healing. And you cannot defend yourself if your body is in "dis-ease."

But in our fast moving, instant gratification world most have lost touch with this.  The Buddhist in my will give you the following quote from His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

* Kyusho Seasons of Life

The Kyusho Seasons of Life are about healing, as I have already said. And when you understand the Cycle of Creation and were you lie within it, you can then use this information to healing the body, keep the Chi growing and developing. And when the body is healthy, movement comes easy, and the body will flow within your martial arts training with ease and grace.

You can also see this in the levels of martial art mastery. When this is understood and internalized you have mastered the mind-body-spirit that we all strive for.

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

Martial Arts training is not a tough guy competition. It is not a forum to show off your skills to others. If you think that way I feel bad for you. You miss the purpose.

It is a never ending journey of the self. A journey to find balance and peace within. Balance comes from proper training, proper life style and proper thinking. 

What season of life are you currently in? How do you see this time, yor season? Where are you in your martial arts training? I would love to hear. Please comment HERE.

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