In True Self Defense. How to Win before a Punch is Thrown.

* In True Self Defense there is n Body Contact

In True Self Defense: If I was choose the one thing that changed my direction in the most in my martial arts journey it was the study of Kosho Ryu, the Natural Laws of the Octagon.  

This is what made Kyusho Jitsu / Pressure Point study work so very effectively for me. It also gave me a revelation, In True Self Defense there is no Body Contract.

But what does this mean?

Back in about 2003 I was in Niagara Falls Canada with many adult members of my school. We were visiting a Buddhist Temple there.

While I was out in the park a man walking behind me took notice of the saying on the back of my T-Shirt that read "In True Self Defense there is no body contact." 

He tapped me on the shoulder and and stated to me about the saying "what a pile of S**T."  I asked him if he was in the martial arts.

His reply was yes, he was from Quebec and had been training about 5 years. I told him I was a white belt in the school "Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts."

He was very agitated about the entire subject, but soon calmed down and asked me again about the logo. When he left he had different views on the subject. He realized his training was much more than physical. And he also noticed how quickly I turned his view on the subject.

How did I turn his view to understand the saying? I told him that his perception was equal to his reality. If he believes violence is the only solution, then that is correct for him

In True Self Defense - Perception equals Reality

Understanding this is the beginning of martial art mastery. Your perception is equal to your reality. We live in a prison of our own creation, our own mind.  The world is suffering the karma of the sin of apathy today. I know of several people who have been locked in their homes now for about 15 months.

They believe that if they go out they will die. There is no truth to their belief, but it is reality to them. They have internalized the propaganda of the day, and there reality is suffering.

In True Self Defense - Opinion is Illusion

We all have opinions, and if you look deep we are all usually wrong. Opinion and the need to express it is a function of the ego. And in martial arts training EGO is a big problem. Ego is the enemy. Now we all have an ego. The ego keeps us alive. 

But when it becomes excessive we are in trouble.

Your opinion of a fight or a self defense situation is never FACT. It is opinion based on perception. A true student of the martial arts is a student for all is their life. You stop being a student when you stop being teachable. Martial Arts training IS AN OPEN MIND

In True Self Defense - Love equals Forgiveness.

Hatred, there is so much of this today. And hatred is pushed hard by the political left in the world and media. Why? Because they have opinions of the way other people should live their lives. Along with hatred comes all the low thinking vices like envy, lying, stealing and cheating.

Forgiveness begins with you. It has very little to do with the offending person. You forgive yourself for giving them the power to control your thinking, your feeling and your actions. When that happens then is forgiveness can then be turned outward towards the offender.

This does not mean they will accept and it does not matter if they do or do not.

In true self defense there is no body contact. When the 3 precepts above are learned, internalized and practiced you can deal with almost any situation and do no harm. Defending yourself and others without doing harm is the ultimate of training. Body Mind and spirit.

In True Self Defense in Conclusion

In True Self Defense CONCLUSION

This is only scratching the surface of this topic. It is a deep as the Pacific Ocean itself. It is possible that at some point you may have to do harm. But applying these laws, natural laws to your life puts you in control.

And if harm must be done it will be justified. And you will sleep at night as the result. 

Thank you for taking time to read this article on In True Self Defense. 

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