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* Man in the Mountains

Today I want to give everyone an update from the Old Man in the Mountains as to what is happening in Kyusho Jitsu and also the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance. Our world is a very different place than it was about 40 years ago when I began my martial art journey. And it is certainly different than it was 5 years ago when the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance was founded.

Man in the Mountains

While I will not disclose my exact location to anyone, let's just say I am happy to be home. I have much work to do! And it will take years to accomplish, which I love. And I am blessed to have a great team, my pack, to this all done. 

Back on August 11th 2015 I renounced the world and moved with one of my boys to East Europe. This was the best thing I ever did! After raising kids, working for other people to provide with them I think I am well entitled to enjoy my "senior" years without the BS Canada brings to the table. Not to mention the non stop drama. 

There are many great things coming to the world in the future. How do I know this? Because I pay attention and I am awake. Most people, the masses are still fast asleep believing all the lies presented to them. They will even fight for these lies. It is funny really.

Si I just keep quiet. Better than way.

Social Media.

Back in January I created a Social Network. It has really been a flop, but I do not mind. I use it myself and make four article posts daily for interested people to read. 

The reason for this article actually is because of a comment from a man this past week because I deleted all my videos I have made on YouTube. Actually I deleted the videos from my old school channel also.

All things "old man in the mountains" is gone from YouTube. Why? Because Google / YouTube is a communist company pushing lies to the public, feat mongering and censoring. In fact it is so bad they are committing crimes against humanity.

I cannot in good conscious allow my content to be used to make them any money and feed this demon. The only way to beat them is to bankrupt them. This is the power of the free market! His comment was aside from being mad, that "do you really thin what you do will make a difference." 

People this pathetic attitude is why the world is how ii is. It is called APATHY.

Shortly Facebook will be gone also. I will cease to post June 1st 2021. A few months after this I will delete my Facebook account. The FACT of the corruption and evil of the company dictates even though it will cost financially, I cannot not support this. 

In Conclusion

Man in the Mountains CONCLUSION

There is an old saying, "if you do not stand for something you fall for everything." People are falling for everything today. As for Kyusho Jitsu, I have a lot of projects on the table for this year of 2021. After this I will scale back dramatically from new projects.

Below will be a listing of all on the table today. And in 2023 I do plan on a seminar in Brasov Romania, or perhaps Bucharest. Here is a link with information. 

New Chi Development Projects

Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu

Encyclopedia of Kyusho 

Ultimate Reference for all things Kyusho

( Mastering Triple Warmer

Mastering Triple Warmer Meridian

Learn the POWER of Triple Warmer from this all new eBook.

Perhaps the most important meridian on the body

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Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

GM Art Mason

GM Art Mason

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