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* A Man of Peace

I am a man of peace. But I have not always been this way. That is simply a part of the journey. Today if I meet someone I have never met before, and the conversation goes to "what do you do for a living" my reply is that I am a Dog Rescuer.

Why do I do this? Well after almost 40 years in the arts, and about 38 of this as a teacher I am tired of the patronizing remarks like "I better be careful what I say to you" etc, etc, etc. And also of course the person who tell you about all their great street battles and how they were in karate as a kid. 

And if they kept going they would be a great grand master now. Yeah, right. Losers...

A man of peace

So, I a Man of Peace rescue dogs, because I love animals, much more than people. Animals do not lie. I have never been betrayed by one of my Huskies. And I have had enough lies to last me 1000 lifetimes. If I want to hear bullshit I will watch the American/Canadian/British news.

I am man of peace, and there is way too much violence in our world. It has now become virtue, like lying is now virtue, rather then using violence a last, final resort. Yet, where it is really needed, people become cowards. Like allowing the crimes against the people of America to continue. Very strange times we live in. France is fighting back, KUDOS to them! WARRIORS!

Now, I am NOT a pacifist. But I a man of Peace. Every pacifist I ever met was very violent deep down inside. It should be apparent today that "people" are NOT inherently good. Being peaceful, being good is a choice. And a hard one to make today. Violence is easy, peace is hard.

But as a Man of Peace I am prepared to defend myself and my family or pack as I call them. Family is not always blood. 

A man of peace

The martial arts today has become for the masses a tough guy contest, and that is very sad. It is a personal journey to discover truth, the truth of yourself. There is nothing higher than understanding the self. Martial Arts, while needing to teach defense, and techniques, should be teaching escape first, above all other things. This is not cowardice, it is just the opposite. To escape you must control yourself first! Fighting is EASY.

I know my skills, and I have had many altercations in my life, but choosing to be a man of peace means I MUST control myself. It is braver to walk away then do harm. Like I said, hurting people is easy!

Man of Peace - A Peaceful Life

Today I live a life as recluse in the mountains of the country I LOVE, România. I only see those close to me, occasionally going off the land to shop or have a meal in town. I teach the martial arts in real life to a very select few. Online is different, and I hope to continue this for a long time. But the current economic conditions are making this a great challenge.

Despite the media lies of a great economy, the economic system of the world is crashing. It is being replace however, and that is another story. Not the one the majority think is going to happen. The masses believe the lying media and fear mongers. Yet they provide no proof, only words.

I am working currently also to go off the grid and be self sufficient. And I love it! I do not participate in "social media" as I know their crimes. And to do so would violate my core beliefs. To me, continuing to use Facebook is like being an accessory to their evil crimes. My account is now gone. 

I am not suggesting this is a life for everyone. But it is for. More and more people ask me about this too. Many are sick of the lies of the Western Culture

In Conclusion


Become a man or woman of peace. Violence is ONLY for life threatening situations, to defend those you love and yourself. It cannot be a game.

Learn to escape. I have free teachings on this. Here is a course and a eBook. Not everyone will agree with me. 

And that is fine. Each person is at a different place in the journey. If this article resonate with you and you wish to become a A Man of Peace or a Woman of Peace it is time to take the first steps. It is time to choose sides. And the sides are either Good or Evil.

Thank you for reading A Man of Peace. I once thought very, very differently than I do now. If you enjoyed this article you can subscribe using the Red Bell at the bottom left. I also recently wrote an article called the Fall of the West you may find interesting to read. 


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I hope you enjoyed this article, A Man of Peace. It is something needed in our culture today, in all societies. There have been endless wars all of my life with the exception of a short period of time. War is ONLY profit. It is never for the reason "they" say.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day! Keep Learning!

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