3 Martial Arts Secrets Revealed at Last. Find out more!

Finally 3 Martial Arts Secrets revealed

Are there really "secrets" in the martial art? Yes! There most certainly are! Today I will explain the reasons why secrets have been kept, and what the TOP 3 Martial Arts Secrets are! 

Why are there Secrets?

The first thing needs to be asked is WHY? Why are there secrets in the martial arts. Today what is taught in the west is very far from what was once taught in the countries of the far east. 

Relationship between the "far east" and the west have not always been very good. Forget the 2 World Wars, Korea and Vietnam. There are HUGE cultural differences between the 2. AND there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!

However this does change greatly how much the 2 sides will trust each other! And no matter what the political agenda of special interest groups and government are these difference will ALWAYS be there! Because it is a GOOD THING!

If you look at some history, even that of Bruce Lee, he was chastised for teaching the arts to blacks and whites. Today things tend to be different however much of the original teaching in the art were lost, or watered down in the name of the "sport" movement. 

So lets get into the 3 Martial Arts Secrets Revealed shall we?

3 Martial Arts Secrets #1

Kyusho Pressure Point Activation

Yes you know what I am going to say here! Pressure Points! I have seen these taught so badly by so many non Kyusho martial arts masters it is almost funny! Then the "mystery" that has been linked to Kyusho Jitsu due to the poor communications about how it works.

Amazingly there are people, who do not tend to think for themselves, who believe that the science of pressure point self defense is fantasy. So, just with reference to these people can you see how there are secrets?

Kyusho Jitsu is part of every martial art. However to make it work, because the information was withheld for so long, needs to be reintroduced in a proper manner. This is the mandate I have at the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance.

3 Martial Arts Secrets #2

Kyusho Jitsu Down Block

Your Kata! Now I have been in the arts for coming 35 years. I can recall so many times how Kata have been referred to as "pointless" and having nothing to do with "fighting."

And that is once more a case of those who know the least, tend to talk the most!

As I was coming up in my root art I asked many questions about our Hyung or Kata and NEVER got a straight answer! However there is a tremendous understanding lying inside of each movement.  Today because of the growth of Kyusho Jitsu worldwide these "meaning" are begin taught. However in my opinion there is an issue with this also!

The student needs to be TAUGHT to see what is going on for themselves. Not just told the meaning. 

I have been working on doing this for years! Here is some information on my Kata Teachings. 

And there are multiple potential interpretations for every movement! There is NO wasted movements in any martial art! When you unlock this door your study of your root art expands beyond you imagination!

3 Martial Arts Secrets #3

Sound and Kyusho Knockouts

Another of the 3 Martial Arts Secrets Revealed is the KIA or Spirit Yell! Another part of martial arts training that is so misunderstood.

There are many different explanation for this. And these are all partial answers to the question.

  • KAI focuses the Mind! This is true! But only a partial answer
  • Scares or startles the attacker. Yeah, I have my doubts here.
  • Increases Power

Those answers are not wrong, even if I find the second one to be silly. However they are INCOMPLETE. And many students do the KAI dead wrong. It is not a YELL! It is a deliberate spoken action.

Why? Because sound has an affect on the humane body, and can weaken it! Don't believe me? Then do not ever tell your child to turn down their music! You do this because the music is taking you off your game, affecting your mind in a negative way! Making you angry. Which is an activation of Triple Warmer!

In Conclusion - 3 Martial Arts Secrets Revealed

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

DO you know of any other secrets that have been kept from the main stream martial arts community?

One of the reasons for the fast growth of the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance is I do not keep secrets, and I do not show off how good I am! 

I TEACH! This is about you the student, not me! Thank you for taking time to read the 3 Martial Arts Secrets Revealed. I hope you got something from this article. 


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