Painful Pressure Point Governor Vessel 26

Pressure Point Governor Vessel 26

The Pressure Point Governor Vessel

I love pressure points that lie in the upper 90 percentile for effectiveness and Pressure Point Governor Vessel 26 is one of them! As I continue today on the series of effectiveness pressure points for use in self defense we will address GV-26.

And this is truly one of the MOST painful pressure points on the human body!  Here is a gernal information article link on Vessels.

Pressure Point Governor Vessel 26 - Location & Use

GV-26 is located on the inside of the upper lip, at the junction of the frenulum and the upper gum. It is attacked by pressing in and down on the upper lip, with a 2-Way Action. A vibrating side to side motion works best! Small motion while pressing in HARD.

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When you press and rub the pain is excruciating, however it is easy for the attacker to pull back. This is why this pressure point is best sealed from the back of the head with the use of the left or right hand depending on the defense and situation.

If you can grab a hold of GB-20 on both side with the left hand then the pain will escalate dramatically. This is a great defense if you are on your back with the attacker on top!

To increase the effectiveness of this make sure you have one foot as flat on the ground as possible. Lift the shoulder of the arm you are using to attack GV-26. Seal with the other hand at rub HARD

The pain is so intense the average person will dismount immediately and usually in a very violent motion to escape the pain. Others will pass out on top of you. I have experienced both effects on different partners. Plus I have never encountered a case with this pressure point that did not work. Therefore why I consider it to be an upper 90 percentile effective rate. 

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

GV-26 is an awesome pressure point to add to your self defense system. Pain is a great motivator and it also offer the opportunity for escape. Striking this pressure point in and down is also devastating!

Have you had the opportunity to work with this pressure point? Please let me know in the comments

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A Better Pressure Point Understanding

Your root style of martial art will greatly dictate the areas you feel the most comfortable striking. And every person is somewhat different in their preferences for striking. The tool used to attack also must be taken into consideration.

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Pressure Point Governor Vessel 26
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