Pressure Point TW-12. How to use this to dislocate a shoulder!

* Pressure Point TW-12

Pressure Point TW-12: Today I continue the series of different pressure points on the body with TW-12 [Triple Warmer Meridian]. Over the last few years I have done several articles about pressure points on the Triple Warmer, Triple Heater Meridian. You can search them all from the search bar to the right of this article.

Pressure Point TW-12 causes the shoulder to release primarily and the elbow secondarily. This is the opposite of another pressure point, TW-11 which releases the elbow primarily and the shoulder secondarily. Now lets get into some details.

Pressure Point TW-12

TW-12 is located mid upper arm line joining the olecranon and TW-14 midway between TW-11 and TW-13. On the overlap in the Triceps Muscles.

Striking this pressure point straight through will result in a primary release of the shoulder and a secondary release of the elbow resulting in possible dislocations of both. While a break in the arm is possible, it is not probable due to the releases mentioned.

TW-12 is a fire element pressure point that is also liked to the endocrine system in the body. The best striking action is with a slapping motion. If you are not familiar with the 5 Elements and the Cycle of Destruction follow the links to the articles. 

The pressure point also exposes itself best when the arm is twisted with the palm facing up in the same direction as the point itself.

Pressure Point TW-12 is an excellent pressure point to be used by all grappling types of arts due to the hands on work. 

Pressure Point TW-12 - In Conclusion

Pressure Point TW-12 CONCLUSION

I am a BIG fan of all things Triple Warmer, so much so I wrote a book called Mastering Triple Warmer Meridian.

In my view point Triple Warmer is the most important to understand of all acupuncture meridians on the body. 

Now there is no need to master all the pressure points I discuss on the blog. 

But as you get comfortable with one, move on to another. There is no rush, study them well, and work to make them your own.  You will find you have likes and dislikes. As an example the majority of martial artists who study Kyusho Jitsu love Pressure Point GB-20. Personally I am not a fan of it.

We are all different and that is fine. It is the study that matters most. Be a lifelong student.

Thank you for taking time to read Pressure Point TW-12.

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I strongly encourage people to ask questions. One question I received recently was why i am promoting Kosho Ryu so strongly. Because my study of natural laws of Kosho is why my pressure point strikes work so well for me. 

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