Warning! Pressure Point SP-21 is Dangerous! Discover the reasons why!

Pressure Point SP-21

Pressure Point SP-21:

Warning do NOT play with this pressure point unless you have been properly instructed! And it is best to do so carefully with the help of a QUALIFIED Kyusho Jitsu instructor! So that being said why am I going to discuss Pressure Point SP-21 today?

Because ignorance is not BLISS, it is just plain ignorance.  

Nothing will stop a bad person for doing something bad. However an education will stop a good person from doing something FOOLISH.

Pressure Point SP-21 - Location

As you can see from the above diagram SP-21 is located on the ribs, about center of the bicep with the arms hanging.

The exact location is on the lateral aspect of the chest, on the mid-axillary line, in the 6th intercostal space. An intercostal space is the "meat" between the ribs which is a hotbed for nerves!

Pressure Point Spleen 21

Why is this? These nerves help to protect the integrity of the rib cage. Now the obvious purpose of the ribs is to protect the lungs and subsequently the heart from damage. In this are also are the MAJOR arteries of the heart. Pressure Point Spleen 21 and its location are at one of the weakest place in the rib cage.

Also because the heart is located slightly to the left of center of the body. This also includes the major arteries. Therefore a strike to this area has a greater potential for serious damages. But this applies to both points. It is best to avoid them unless a life of death situation exists. 

Pressure Point SP-21 - Attack Angle and Direction

The correct angle and direction for striking Pressure Point SP-21 is straight in and across like an arrow. Fortunately a fist is a POOR weapon against this area of the body and will usually only "crack" a rib, which is sufficient to end a conflict! Real damage does require a more advanced striking tools, which while not hard to learn or apply does take some time and study.

For the true student of Kyusho Jitsu this is well worth the effort! It is also essential in Dim Mak

A strike to Pressure Point SP-21 will cause breathing issues as well as a feeling of constriction of the chest. Pressure Point SP-21 is a Special Alarm Point. For Dim Mak this causes an imbalance of the Blood and Chi side of the body. However these topics are beyond the scope of this article. Therefore I suggest you look at the links provided.

The Pressure Point SP-21 is a great pressure point to train for self defense. Striking it will end a conflict very fast! But when training caution must always be used as to not injury your partner.  SP-21 is also an excellent Knockout Pressure Point for the street. But I strongly recommend to never use this for demonstration purposes! 

I will also add Pressure Point SP-21 is an important acupuncture point. 

Below is a short video on Pressure Point SP-21 from our Kyusho Question of the Day

Pressure Point Spleen 21

In Conclusion

I cannot overstate how dangerous this pressure point is! But people play with it anyways!

Often times people will say to me "how can I know it works if I don't hit it?" 

Do you need to know a gunshot to the chest works? If something happens to the Uki using this pressure point it is called Gross Negligence and carries a JAIL term. And there is no waiver for gross negligence. 

It is like allowing an Uki to fall to the ground after a knockout. You are being negligent! Thank you for reading this article on Pressure Point SP-21.

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