Kyusho Alarm Points How Important are they?


Kyusho Alarm Points

The Associated Kyusho Alarm Points

Associated Kyusho Alarm Points

Students are funny when it comes to Kyusho Alarm Points.  It is perhaps the most important of all principles, and is the one students tend to overlook.  And I have no idea why! Here is a breakdown on Kyusho Alarm Points and the types.

  • Kyusho Alarm Point – The “main”  Kyusho Alarm Points are located on the front of the body
  • Associated Kyusho Alarm Point –  Which are found on the back of the body. 
  • Special Kyusho Alarm Point  –  These all have different functions.

Each type of Kyusho Alarm Point has its own affect. The Kyusho Alarm Points on the front of the body relate directly to the organ, while the Associated Alarm Points on the back of the body relate to the neurological aspects of the organ. Or in other words, the hard wiring. 

Pressure Point Spleen 21

Pretty simple right? Well what if I told you that is the introductory page?

You Need a Deep Understanding

Have you ever seem a Kyusho Master do things you just cannot believe they can do?

There is a reason, and the reason is the deep understanding they have of this knowledge.  Many Kyusho Jitsu students miss the boat on this understanding because it appears to be simple. And so they tend to only scratch the surface of the study.

The Principle of the Alarm Point has been discussed in several of my eBooks and 2 videos. Therefore you might think it has been covered. But in truth, I have only touched the principle on the surface, and have not gone deep.

Kyusho Masters Series

There are 2 very good ways to get a deep understanding of Alarm Points. I have an eBook called the Kyusho Masters Series, which is 5 different very important principles of Kyusho Jitsu in GREAT details. This is an eBook/Video combination product. This is all the theories of these principles.

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Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy

All New Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy eBook

I have a new eBook called Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy. This is a breakdown of every pressure point on the body, there location and functions from a Kyusho Jitsu aspect! This is going to be the Grey's Anatomy of Kyusho Jitsu!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho Alarm Points - Discover the world of the Kyusho Alarm Point
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Kyusho Alarm Points - Discover the world of the Kyusho Alarm Point
One of the most important yet unused principles of the science of pressure point self defense is Kyusho Alarm Points - Discover them now!
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