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Best Pressure Points for Self Defense?


Best Pressure Points for Self Defense?

Best Pressure Points for Self Defense

That is a GREAT question! What are the Best Pressure Points for Self Defense? The answer is not black and white, and I have done years of research to come up with a conclusion! 

So let's get into it and talk about the Best Kyusho Pressure Points for Self Defense!

Best Pressure Points- What are the criteria?

First we need to look at what criteria I used to determine the Best Pressure Points for Self Defense. Not all pressure points when it comes to self defense are created equally! There are many pressure points that work very well on pretty much everyone tested. But there "EFFECT" is minimal therefore in self defense they are not much use!

As an example, LU-8 and HT-06. These pressure points when used together will cause a release of both the wrist and the hand! I have never met ANYONE that I could not make this work on! But the problem is on the street "buddy" is gonna be punching my face in while I am working these points! 

Therefore they are not the Best Kyusho Pressure Points for Self Defense!

Best Pressure Points - How did I decide?

The next question is how did I decide on the most effective Pressure Points for Self Defense? 

  • They must have a high rate of reliability on as many different types of people as possible. I typically look for a 90% effective rate!
  • They must be stand alone pressure points that do not require setup or assistance from other strikes to be effective.
  • The result of stimulation must be predictable!
  • They must have a pronounced effect on the attacker, a valuable effect!
Humane Pressure Point Tactics

Best Pressure Points - What is a Valuable Effect?

A valuable effect is when a strike or manipulation will cause the attacker to be:

  1. Unconscious
  2. Unable to use a limb due to paralysis
  3. Or unable to continue the attack

Without these kinds of effects the pressure point in question cannot be included in this list! Other pressure points can be used in lower escalation situations, which is not the purpose of this list. I am also excluding "deadly" pressure point because they are in a category of their own!

* Pressure Point Fighting is it Effective?

Best Pressure Points - Does Pain Matter?

For the purpose of learning Pressure Points for Self Defense, pain is only counted when it is high enough to override the rush of adrenaline the attacker is experiencing! Pain only matters when it is crippling!

Best Pressure Points - Easy Integration

Plus all these Pressure Points for Self Defense must be easily integrated into any root art or self defense system! The idea behind the science of pressure point self defense is not to change the martial art you currently study. The purpose is to enhance its effectiveness!

That is the something our teaching at the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance has accomplished!  

Best Pressure Points for Self Defense
Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

In Conclusion

Pressure Points work as long as you do the work to integrate them with your root art! This leads to a question.

What are your favorite pressure points? Follow this LINK to let me know!

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10 Best Pressure Points for Self Defense

Pressure Points on the Body

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Best Pressure Points for Self Defense - Discover the Top Points NOW!
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