Pressure Point GB-10 Exactly how Dangerous is it?

* Pressure Point GB-10

Today I am going to discuss Pressure Point GB-10 [Gall Bladder] and exactly how dangerous this pressure point is. I have been doing this series of articles on different pressure points on the body for some time now. These have proven to be the most popular of my articles. Importantly the idea for today's article came as the form of a question from a student.

The question was is Pressure Point GB-10 a one shot knockout pressure point.

So let's get into this.

 Pressure Point GB-10 Location and Effects

Some of the links provided in this section of the article run to the Online Encyclopedia of Kyusho Jitsu. This is a resource all serious Kyusho Jitsu students and instructors need. There is nothing like anywhere else!

Pressure Point GB-10 is posterior and superior to the mastoid process, in the middle of the curved line drawn from GB-09 to GB-11. The point is behind the ear on the squamosal suture which is the joint between the parietal bone and the temporal bone of the skull.

Striking will easily cause a knockout and disrupt motor functions. A hard strike can cause death. This pressure point is deadly mainly because of its location. Pressure Point GB-10 is what is called a brain shock pressure point. This area of the skull is very weak, and because of the angle of the strike can easily cause a concussion. 

This is also what is called a one shot knockout pressure point. Its location behind the ear is out of the line of vision which means that the brain cannot brace itself for the shock of the strike. Therefore a light hit will result in brain dysfunction, or a neurological reboot (knockout). My book Understanding Neurological Pressure Point Knockouts goes into depth on these one shot pressure points and how they work. 

A hard strike can easily cause serious damage to the skull including cracks and breaks. This will cause serious brain trauma, swelling and potential death. Pressure Points tend to be located at weak areas of the body (not always) which is one of many reasons for the predictable results.

Pressure Point GB-10 in Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

The study of pressure points is an amazing journey! And one every martial artist should undertake.

Yesterday I had a question submitted via a web search asking "can pressure points hurt anyone regardless of fitness level?"

This is a good question, however it shows the lack of truth in the Western Culture today. Fitness and heath are not mutually inclusive. But the very corrupt fitness industry tries to conflate the two together. In this question a high level of fitness, muscle mass as an example, can help to disperse the energy from a strike. As an example a strike to the arm at LI-10

However this does not mean the organs are healthy. In fact most North America's because of the very unhealthy diets (protein powder in a can is crap) have issues with Large Intestine. Those who obsessively train without proper rest times also have a proclivity to heart issues. 

And the western cultures addiction to pharmaceuticals has devastated many people Livers. Prescription drugs today KILL more Americans than illegal drugs. This is because western medicine is about profit, not health. 

I should write an article on this entire subject really. However a martial artist who has mastered Kyusho Jitsu, and understands how the body works will see the sign of organ issues and attack the proper pressure points. So to answer the question directly. High fitness levels are irrelevant to the effects of pressure point strikes.

Thank you for taking time to read this article on Pressure Point GB-10.

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