Pressure Point Fighting is it effective on the streets today?

* Pressure Point Fighting is it effective on the streets today?

What is Pressure Point Fighting? What does this "term" really mean? Today I want to discuss this very commonly used term that is used to refer to the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu. And it applies to all martial artists today. 

Pressure Point Fighting - Meaning

I draw a very big thick black line between the terms "fighting" and "self defense." And for me I believe this is a very important differentiation. There are also different terms used for pressure points. 

Terms like karate pressure points, kyusho pressure points and acupuncture pressure points are also used in the same context.

The "fight" people are referring to is a disagreement or an argument that turns to violence. The cause can be many different things. 

However it is a lack of discipline on both parts. And it does seem to be the human condition. But when we glorify violence like we do today this cannot be a shock.


So how is Pressure Point Fighting a things? What makes it different than any other kind of fighting?

I had to really consider if I was going to write an article referring to "Pressure Point Fighting" at all. Then after some consideration I decided to do so, hoping perhaps I can make people see this in a different light.

Today the world is all about marketing. Your data is harvested and sold by Google and Facebook really without your permission. Yes you signed a terms of service, but to understand this most of us would need a lawyer!

Martial Arts is no different. Some of the best marketing I have ever seen is in our industry. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. As long as we question and look at things objectively.

An great example of great martial arts marketing is and was the Gracie's. They sold the martial arts world on the idea that 99% of fights go to the ground, which is not statistically true, but then creating a venue for their product to prove their claims. They became, and rightfully so martial arts icons. 

I market to the martial arts world non stop the ideas of integrating pressure points into your self defense system to make it more effective. But I do not want you to believe me! I want you to question and try it out, to make your own "informed" decisions! 

Does Pressure Point Fighting Work?

The Pressure Point Stomach 5

Does Pressure Point Fighting work? This is a very common question, however the wrong question. And how questions are asked is very important!  If I strike ANYONE in this world on ST-09 I will get a devastating result up to and including DEATH.

Now if you refer to a "fight" once again the question really is "do I have the skill and level of training to deal with a stronger, bigger appointment?"

Now if you refer to a "fight" once again the question really is "do I have the skill and level of training to deal with a stronger, bigger appointment?"

Or in a "Self Defense" situation "do I have the training and presence of MIND to deal with an attacker?" 

Are pressure points themselves effective? That question has been proven time and time again my men and women who have been trained in their usage, who's livelihood has them in high risk jobs. Yes Pressure Point Fighting is effective. But you must do the work. They are not a quick fix.

I personally have trained several military and police personnel who will confirm this claim And the ones who say pressure points do not work are those who did not do the work, study and apply the knowledge

Opinions can vary, but if you have never done the work, your opinion has no value. This is why I do not comment on combat systems like Krav Maga.  I have never seriously studied it! So how can I have an opinion? 

I do however believe that selling people "combat" systems is a reckless idea. But that also depends on how it is promoted and if the ideal of "reasonable force" is explained. In true combat there is no need for reasonable force. Pressure Point Fighting allows for reasonable force to be used and maintained. 

Pressure Points Fighting - Self Defense Solutions

Since the mid 90's after being in a bad situation with a very dangerous man I began to pursue what real self defense means. And this was after 10 years of intense 7 days a week martial arts training. I could not have handled him alone. Very few people could have. 

What saved me was my "presence of mind" which allowed me to take the best possible action and let the police deal with the man. And they did. 

Humane Pressure Point Tactics - H.P.P.T

After many years of non stop study, taking courses and other martial arts from some amazing teachers, I developed what I call "holistic" systems that can be incorporated into any martial art, or taught alone, to improve the odds and your effectiveness on the street without ending up in prison. 

Back around 2009 I was introduced to a certification course Grand Master Steve Stewart offers called Humane Pressure Point Tactics. This was the BEST heads up information I had seen to date. I took the courses and certified as a teacher. This course gives a great understanding about Pressure Point Fighting.

I also taught these courses non stop back in Canada. But recently I took the information and updated it. Why? Because to my mind the original courses are aimed more at law enforcement. I wanted to create something for the general public.

So what is the difference? In my systems I have added information that pertains more to the "civilian" looking to protect him or her self and their family. Not someone in law-enforcement who is looking to apprehend the assailant.

However I do use the same term, as I include all the same information, and I am a certified instructor in these courses. 

Pressure Point Fighting - Video Update for this Post!

Pressure Point Fighting In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Pressure Point Fighting, does it work? As long as you have done the work they most certainly do!

There are many different areas of the body that can be targeted, and these areas are rich with pressure points. Once such example is the solar plexus. Here you will find Pressure Points CV14.

But you must always keep in mind, win, lose or die your survive is up to you and your training, awareness and common sense. Thank you for taking time to read this article on Pressure Point Fighting.

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