Painful Face Pressure Points


3 Most Painful Face Pressure Points

*Painful Face Pressure Points

Today I am going to talk about the Top 3 Most Painful Face Pressure Points. Pain is a great deterrent! Understanding these 3 painful face pressure points can come in very handy in a bad situation!

So let's get started!

Painful Face Pressure Points - Large Intestine 20

LI-20 Painful Face Pressure Points

This is a wonderful pressure point. Located beside the nose in a hollow when it is pushed / rubbed can cause intense pain! One of the reasons for this is that Large Intestine is the only meridian that crosses the body. Plus we are dealing with an area of dental nerves as well as sinus cavities. If you hold the back of the head at GB-20 the effect will intensify! 

I have also successfully used this as a knockout point! See the video below. To activate push in and down! 

Painful Face Pressure Points - Governor 26

GV-26 Painful Face Pressure Points

This is another GREAT painful face pressure point! Located right under the nose at center-line this is another RUB point. You can strike it, but if you seal the head like in the previous point, and rub side to side the pain is unbearable!

This is an excellent pressure point to use if you are on your back and have been mounted. The attack will fly off your because of the intense pain. And I have never encountered anyone who could withstand the pain!

Painful Face Pressure Points - Small Intestine 18

If you saw Steven Seagal's movie Under Siege 2 - Dark Territory this is the pressure point his niece attacked on one of the mercenaries.  

Another point of intense pain mostly due to the proximity of the sinus cavities. With pollution today most people have sinus issues also. 

SI-18 Most Painful Face Pressure Points

She does a good job of the grab, however you would support and seal using the left hand at the GB-20 area.  But it does do a decent job of demonstrating the pressure point! 

Here is what my new eBook Kyusho Pressure Point Anatomy says about SI-18.

Small Intestine 18 [SI-18]:

This pressure point is located directly below the outer canthus, in the depression on the lower border of the zygoma, level with CO-20.

Best attacked with a small penetrating weapon like a single knuckle. This pressure point will cause a rush of energy to the brain causing a knockout.

Painful Face Pressure Points

So what is the advantage to understanding Painful Face Pressure Points? These are control points! This allows for the application of techniques, using these kinds of points, to control a BAD situation. One that has not yet turned to out and out violence.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

The more you know about each and every pressure point the better off you will be! Knowledge is not power, but applied knowledge is power. When you look at where you strike in your training, and then see what pressure points are available to you the more success you will have.

Do you have any other pressure points of the face you prefer? Tell me about the HERE.

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Painful Face Pressure Points - Top 3 Most Painful Face Points
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Discover the Top 3 Most Painful Face Pressure Points - Where they are located, and how they work. Learn the science of pressure point self defense today!
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