Top 5 Dim Mak Pressure Points.What is the Death Touch?

* Dim Mak Pressure Points

Top 5 Dim Mak Pressure Points! Dim Mak Pressure Points also know as Vital Point are surrounded with mystery. There are a total of 36 of these critical pressure points on the humane body. Today I am going to discuss in some detail 5 of these "Vital Points."

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Pressure Point TW-17

This is one of the most dangerous pressure points on the body for several reasons. I am including it here today for this very reason. It is also very easy to access. As one of the Top 5 Dim Mak Pressure Points this is a must learn.

Pressure Point TW-17 is located behind the ear posterior to the lobe of the ear, in the depression between the mandible and mastoid process. One of the most painful and potentially deadly pressure points. Easy to press in and seal with the finger, but difficult to strike. This is one of the Top 5 Dim Mak Pressure Points.

However, once a solid strike is made the result is devastating. As a control pressure point it is very effective!

Once hit there is a potential for a separation between the spinal column and skull resulting in permanent paralysis and possible death.

A jaw dislocation is also possible using proper angle and direction. Here is an article with more information. 

* Pressure Point TW-18 [Triple Warmer]

Pressure Point HT-01

* Best Combat Pressure Points

Another of the Top 5 Dim Mak Pressure Points is HT-01.

Pressure Point HT-01 is located in the centre of the axilla, on the medial side of the axillary artery, at the lateral, inferior margin of the pectorals major muscle and in its deep position the point lies in the coracobrachialis muscle (arm pit).

HT-01 is one of the most dangerous pressure points on the body and even a medium strike can result in death, especially on the left side of the body. The point is right over the top of the “axillary” artery and therefore great artery damage is done when this point is struck.

A light strike can result in issues with the brain due to loss of blood flow. Emotional issues can also appear. I cannot stress enough not to play with this pressure point unless it is a life or death situation! Applying gentle pressure to the area can release a “frozen shoulder.” You can read more about Pressure Point HT-01 here.  More Top 5 Dim Mak Pressure Points below!

Pressure Point SI-16

Next in the Top 5 Dim Mak Pressure Points is Pressure Point SI-16. Pressure Point SI-16 is in the lateral aspect of the neck, on the posterior border of the Sternocleidomastoideus muscle, posterior to CO-18, 3.5 cun lateral to the laryngeal prominence.

Striking this pressure point will often cause the person to laugh, however the possible resulting damage is nothing to laugh at! If struck on the left side of the body hard enough it can stop the Heart resulting in death.

A lighter strike can cause Heart issues in anyone with a disposition to Heart problems. 

SI-18 Most Painful Face Pressure Points

Sometimes this pressure point is used in knockout demonstrations, but this is fool-hearty as death can result.

Save this pressure point for life and death situations! You can learn more about Pressure Point SI-16 from this article on the Top 5 Dim Mak Pressure Points.

Pressure Point ST-09

The Pressure Point Stomach 5

Arguably the most dangerous pressure point ST-09 is next in the Top 5 Dim Mak Pressure Points. Pressure Point ST-09 is situated right over the carotid sinus. The carotid sinus is a Baroreceptor, whose purpose is to detect an increase in blood pressure.

When the brain detects an increase in blood pressure, the vagus nerve sends a signal to the vasomotor center and this initiates a Vasodilatation, and slowing of the Heart rate to lower the blood pressure to normal.

When this pressure point is struck there is an immediate, violent, and dangerous response from the brain. 

The blood pressure will drop quickly causing a "vascular faint” or knockout. This can be accomplished with a low to medium strike.

A harder strike can cause serious damage to the nervous and arterial systems of the area which will result in death. ST-09 is also a Dim Mak point because an energy strike to this part of the system, both nervous and vascular, will cause enough "dysfunction" to result in death over time.

Carotid Sinus Reflex:

The serious martial artist should be concerned about Carotid Sinus Reflex when it comes to ST-09 and ST-10. The effect is temporary loss of consciousness or a knock out that sometimes accompanies convulsive seizures. This is due to the power of the carotid sinus reflex when pressure builds up in one or both carotid sinuses.

Massage to this areas is used by doctors to reduce heart rate and blood pressure in emergencies. Below read why this is an important Dim Mak Pressure Points.

Citation: Traumatic carotid sinus reflex death


"The review of 7 autopsy cases shows, that the diagnosis of a sudden death due to mechanical irritation of the carotid sinus is possible. Therefore when an injury of this reflectogen zone is represented autoptically. And when there are signs of acute cardio vascular failure and other causes of death are out of the question. Taking account of the ascerteinments at the scene as well as observations by witnesses of the death process is important for diagnostic reason.

The proof of the carotid lesion depends on the preparation of neck organs in artificial lack of blood. The histological analysis of stepwise taken slides of the carotid arteries above the bifurcation is informative. Most of all the insurances consider a death due to carotid sinus reflex as an accident; in criminal law this kind of death is regularly linked to strangulation; diagnostic decision criteria are presented."

Here is a link to read more about Pressure Point ST-09. Please be very cautious with one the top 5 Dim Mak Pressure Points.

Pressure Point LV-13

Fifth and final of the Top 5 Dim Mak Pressure Points is Pressure Point LV-13. Pressure Point LV-13 is located on the lateral side of the abdomen, below the free end of the 11th rib when the arm is bent at the elbow and held against the side. The point is roughly located at the tip of the elbow.

This can be a very dangerous pressure point as a solid strike can do a great amount of physical damage including rupturing the Spleen. However, it is an excellent pressure point for a body knockout, especially since GB-24 is usually also hit when the area is struck.

* Pressure Point LV-13

LV-13 is the Alarm Point for Spleen and also an Influential Pressure Point. Here is a link with more information on Pressure Point LV-13. Some great Dim Mak Pressure Points.

In Conclusion

Kyusho Article CONCLUSION

Dim Mak is a fascinating martial art study. While history is not clear its importance cannot be disputed. I hope you enjoyed the Top 5 Dim Mak Pressure Points

Nor for those who study and train in earnest, neither can the results. I have an oder article called Dim Mak vs Kyusho Jitsu which you may also enjoy checking out.

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Thank you for reading this article on the Top 5 Dim Mak Pressure Points.

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