Kyusho: Know your Limitations

Kyusho: Know your Limitations

* Kyusho: Know your Limitations

Have you ever noticed that those who know the least argue the most? I know I see this almost on a daily basis. But, I cease communications anytime I encounter a "closet intellectual." Kyusho: Know your Limitations, it is good that these alleged martial artists do realize their potential as they try to impose their limited thinking on others. 

Why do I saw alleged? Because when someone is willing to argue a point to prove they are right I see holes in the stories. People lie to protect their lies. Recently I had some "closet intellectual" ask me about "fear" and how to control it. When someone asks this question I am always on guard.  This is usual a "baited" question. And in truth I am not the one to ask. You should be asking a psychologist if you have fear issues.

Pressure Points Don't Work on the Street

Now whenever someone comes with this question about fear we end up in the "pressure points don't work on the street" talk. This is where I cut communication and spam the address. Why? Because I do not have time for "closet intellectuals." 

Whatever you believe will become your reality, and the more limited your thinking the more limited your life will be. There are no exceptions. If you cannot target pressure points under stress this has nothing to do with pressure points. YOU ARE A FAILURE IN YOUR TRAINING

Kyusho: Know your Limitations!

Today we are dealing with some very BAD, limited thinking. Ideologies of envy and failure. "Oh this person has more than me, it is not fair." Do you know what a loser you must be to think this way? Make excuses for your lack of effort? Seriously! 

Failure is part of life and you will fail more than you will ever succeed. That is just life! And the most successful people in life,  be it in business, martial arts or any other aspect have failed more than 99% per of whiners will ever try!

If you have never failed it is because you have done nothing in life! 

Triple Warmer Overload

* Pressure Point TW-18 [Triple Warmer]

We have a serious problem in society today. Self Control is a thing of the past as people are ruled by their addiction to their emotions. Because you "feel" someway about something does not make it true or right.

And this addiction people have will always lead to more failure. Because the Triple Warmer Meridian is overactive. 

The reason is simple, under a high emotional state your ability to make an objective decision is gone. Instead you become easily manipulated by the narrative. Today people sound like robots as they spew out the current narrative they see on social media. 

Martial Art training is a remedy to this, but only if you actually quit making excuses and do the damn work! 

Check your Addictions!

So what are your addictions that are preventing you from succeed in Kyusho Jitsu, martial arts or anything else?

  1. How much time do you WASTE on Social Media like Facebook each day? Nothing wrong with using Social Media but the always being logged on is BAD. The average person wastes 144 minutes per day on Facebook. I limit myself to 10 minutes per day.
  2. Are you obsessed with politics? Have you lost friends over differences?
  3. Do you get very anger for no real reason? And do posts on social media upset your day? If yes stop reading them. I don't read my timeline. 
  4. Do you make excuses, blame others for your failures like the "left wing nutbags" tell you that you should?

If this is you, then perhaps it is time to forget the status quo and get back into the Dojo and training for REAL! Focus your MIND.

Stop the Excuses

Take a look at this image on the right. These are the pressure points on the right side of the head and neck.

The area of activation of each one is the size of an American Silver Dollar.

And there are a total of pressure points on each SIDE OF THE BODY!

Can you see why when some clown tells me that hitting pressure points is not possible I call him out as his training being an EPIC FAILURE?

* Pressure Points that Kill

Kyusho: Know your Limitations CONCLUSION

in Conclusion

Are you ready to stop making excuses in life?

Can you see whey I do not bother with these BAD THINKERS or "closet intellectuals" I speak of?  If you do the work pressure points WORK period!

No matter what some loser will tell you.

What is a closet intellectual? It is someone who knows little to nothing about a topic but their ego is so big they need to argue their expertise anyways. I'll bet today you know a lot of people like this!

Thank you for reading this article Kyusho: Know your Limitations. This is basically an editorial rant. Feel free to comment at the bottom of the article,

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Kyusho: Know your Limitations - How Limited Thinking Affects Training
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